Whether you intend to plan for your own or corporate t shirt printing in Singapore, you will need at least a good design for your tees. T-shirt printing is still popular and alive. With so many uses and applications, from fashion statements to branding, and event promotion, t-shirt printing remains relevant.

While finding a decent t shirt printing company in Singapore isn’t hard, making an effective design is what a lot found troubling. A terrible design makes an awful shirt. So here are a few t-shirt design tips for beginners!

Think about colours!

Consider the shirt and imprint colour and use the principle of contrast. A basic example is, if you have a lighter coloured t-shirt, consider going with a slightly darker tone for the imprint. So, how many colour imprints should you use? A good rule of thumb is to use 1 or 2 colours since it can also impact your budget, and it doesn’t have to look too complicated from the get-go.

Make it simple and minimal.

Regardless of whether you’re doing company printed t-shirts or doing it for your online business, simplicity is the golden rule when it comes to t-shirt designs. There’s no need to go for an overblown where the shirt becomes the canvas itself. Think about simplifying your design. It could be a quote, a short phrase, a logo, a vector or a combination of text and vector.

Scale and placement matters

The scale and placement of the design are some of the most crucial aspects you should never overlook when applying your design. Even if you’re doing it for company printed t shirts, you want to use the space wisely. Consider learning the ideal placement spots and proper scale on the tee.

Consider what is trendy.

If you want to go for an easy appealing design, looking for the ‘cool factor’ can be found on what’s the most trending and modern design for tees. You want your shirt to look at least ‘relevant’ enough in design and style, especially if your purpose is to sell them.

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