Every time there are social issues in your country, such as urban poverty, gender inequality, or mental health, it is important that you are aware, know how to form your own opinion, and justify your choices about them.

One of the current social issues in Singapore is mental health. 1 in 7 adults in the country suffers from mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. If you know someone battling mental health problems, here are ways to help them.


Many volunteer opportunities in Singapore focus on mental health and helping people with mental illnesses. One way to help a person going through something is by encouraging them to speak up. You may suggest a reliable psychiatrist or counsellor or call their loved ones to talk openly.


Discrimination and judgements may happen to people battling mental illnesses, too. One way to break the stigma on mental health is by raising awareness about it by tackling social inequality in Singaporeand learning how everyone can flourish equally.


Another reason mental health discrimination happens is the lack of education due to urban poverty. People are unaware of the different mental health diseases. That is the reason why they tend to judge them.


Joining a circle, group, or a movement with volunteer opportunities in Singaporecan also help people with mental illnesses. These organisations gather people that go through a similar situation, and nothing beats opening up to someone who shares the same feelings.

If you have experienced mental, physical, or social inequality or discrimination in Singapore, speak up about it. Raise your voice. Social influence has a BIG effect on people. Through your voice, you may be able to raise more awareness and educate people about the current social issues in the country and not just mental health.

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