Lawyers have one of the most difficult jobs in the field of law. Because of these considerations, lawyers must charge certain fees for their services in order to remain viable. Beyond the flat or hourly rates lie additional charges that many people are not aware of when working with a legal professional.

Navigating the specific fees required by lawyers can be just as confusing as finding the right law office for you. Before you begin your search for lawyers, be sure you’re familiar with the different types of legal fees to expect during your time spent together.

Consultation Fee

An initial consultation session is a great opportunity to determine the viability of a lawyer-client partnership. A few lawyers will charge either a fixed rate or an hourly fee for the consultation session, but many will not. It’s highly suggested that you call directly or search a website for more information about a law office’s consultation charges.

Contingency Fee

A lawyer’s top priority is to help you win your case, for a multitude of reasons. One of them is the contingency fee they acquire, which is a percentage of the case earnings you make upon a successful win. For example, a contingency lawyer in Houston may charge on a sliding percentage scale, or up to a third of total winnings. Lawyers do not get contingency fees if the case loses, but proper payment for other expenses will still be expected.

Referral Fee

If your lawyer feels as though another lawyer will be a better representative for your unique case, he may refer you to that legal office for help. Your initial lawyer may request that a portion of your total case fees be paid to them at the conclusion of the case, either as a flat rate or a percentage sum. Referral fees are not as common as other fees and require a specific criterion to be met.

Retainer Fee

Larger businesses or enterprises may need a lawyer to work for them in more than one case and remain on call for legal advice throughout the working relationship. In order to carry out this service, many lawyers charge a set amount per payment period to be spent much like a down payment. Should legal issues arise, your lawyer will bill their services from the retainer account.

Looking for a Lawyer?

Finding a lawyer that will meet your budgetary requirements the best, such as a contingency lawyer in Houston, can seem like a daunting process. Knowing exactly where to look for the right legal advice and ultimately preparing for expected legal fees can turn your complicated situation into a much simpler one.


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