One of the ways to stay fit is by engaging in sports. In Singapore, many types of sports are obtainable for any age. The country values sports so much. For sports competitions all over the globe, the government funds and intensely trains their athletes to show appreciation and support. One of which is Baseball. The said sport has topped the list of the most common sports in the country.

Baseball is one of the most well-known sports in the country. But it is also one of the sports that commonly suffer from shoulder injuries. According to an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore, the most common body parts a baseball player harms are the knee, ankle, neck, and shoulder.

Here are the five most common shoulder injuries that baseball players may or may not encounter in the future.


Swinging in baseball is the most frequent reason why players undergo shoulder injuries. The force of throwing too hard or too often highly impacts and negatively affects the shoulder.


A shoulder rotator cuff tearis reasonably typical in a baseball player. Pitchers, or those who throw the ball for the batter to hit, are the main target of shoulder rotator cuff tear. It is because of their high intensity and forced throwing movements.

Rotator cuffs consist of four tendons that hold the ball and socket of the shoulders. These cuffs allow people to easily rotate and stretch the shoulder and arm away from the body. The shoulder rotator cuff tear happens when a part of the four tendons suddenly rips, either partial or complete.

Realistically speaking, shoulder rotator cuff tear injuries in baseball players may be the potential reason for the end of their careers. An example of this is the American former professional baseball pitcher Brandon Webb. He had surgery for his shoulder rotator cuff tear and never played again.


These three shoulder injuries are similar injuries that occur once the shoulder rotator cuff has a tear. Human shoulders have a lubricating sac called the bursa, which lies between the rotator cuff and acromion or the bone on top of your shoulder.

Shoulder Bursitis occurs when excess fluids start to build up in the bursa. Excessive fluid in the bursa may cause swelling and inflammation in the shoulders, resulting in arm immobility.

Shoulder Tendonitis injuries happen when an intense movement damages the rotator cuff and biceps tendon. It usually occurs through repetitive and over usage of the tendons. One of the most popular and professional baseball players who experienced shoulder tendonitis injury is Justin Louis “Joba” Chamberlain. In 2008, he was supposed to appear in 42 games, but he suffered from rotator cuff tendonitis.

Shoulder Impingement strikes when a forced rubbing motion happens between the rotator cuff and your humerus or the top outer edge of your shoulder.

These three shoulder injuries are all associated with the rotator cuff. Once a player suffers from a shoulder rotator cuff tear, one of these three injuries may happen anytime after the rip. That is why frequent consultations with an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore for baseball players are crucial.


SLAP (Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior) or labral tear is another common shoulder injury. A labral tear occurs when a tissue holding the ball and socket of the shoulder is damaged or injured. An athlete who experiences SLAP shoulder tear may suffer from thumping shoulder ache or shoulder bone dislocations. Treatments for SLAP may be through physical therapy or surgery for a labral tear.

There are more baseball-related shoulder injuries that can happen to athletes pre-, during, and post-playing. Some injuries are ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries, broken humerus or injured upper arm, or muscle sprains and strains. They are also prone to knee injuries because of sudden stopping and sliding. If they experience any pain in their knee, they must visit a knee specialist in Singapore right away.



There are easy remedies an athlete can do at home to reduce the pain from the injury. However, a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore is still necessary. Here are some ways to temporarily treat an injury at home.


Cold compresses are traditional treatments for aches, injuries, and swelling. It is also scientifically proven that cold objects can numb sharp pain. Athletes can use an ice pack and apply it gently to their injured shoulder for a good 15-20 minutes. They may also use frozen peas, gel packs, or ice cubes as an alternative.

Never apply ice on the bare skin of the shoulder injury.


An orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore would most likely suggest using elastic medical bandages for mild injury cases. This medical equipment can help lessen the swelling of the injury. The doctors would help with wrapping it. But at home, they can ask anyone for assistance. Just ensure not to wrap it tightly, as too much compression can block the blood from flowing. The injured person should feel comfortable and not numb to know if the assistant properly wrapped the bandage.


Rest is the best treatment for injuries or after the surgery for a labral tear. Athletes must avoid physical or draining activities for their healing period. Also, they should not carry any object heavier than a kettle full of water. This way, it’s ensured that tendons on the shoulder are not triggered or pressured.


Visiting an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore would also recommend taking pain medications, such as aspirin or acetaminophen. Some of these medications are available over the counter. Keep in mind that the injured person should eat first before taking pain medications.


Generally, an athlete is highly likely to suffer from injuries, whatever sport it is. From head to toe, their body is prone to get hurt. Athletes can never avoid these circumstances. The best thing they can do is habitually consult and have a checkup from an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore.

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