Developing property is no easy task. There are plenty of factors to consider. Not to mention the amount of responsibility on your shoulders and the sheer number of tasks to accomplish. Despite the stress that comes with it, property developers in the Philippines continue to pursue this line of work as it is worth their investment if the project ends successfully.

However, this line of work comes with numerous risks you need to avoid. Failure to do so can result in losing the potential rewards of your investment or give you nothing in return.

If you are a beginner in property development, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you succeed in your first couple of projects. Read this article and learn about these nine suggestions that property developers need to know.

9 Tips that Property Developers in the Philippines Should Know

Schedule Everything

The first thing you should start doing when joining property development or management companies in the Philippines is to schedule everything. Do you have a meeting at two in the afternoon? Place it on your timetable. Do you need to take a break for fifteen minutes? Allocate time for it and make adjustments to your remaining tasks. Remember that each minute you have is part of your investment. The longer your project goes on, the higher your expenses become. Make it a habit to schedule all of your tasks from the beginning of your project until the end.

Identify Your Priorities

As one of the many property developers in the Philippines, learning how to prioritise tasks is a necessary skill that you need to have if you wish to succeed in this line of work. No matter how much effort you put into your project, it is inevitable that there will be days when there are plenty of tasks that need your attention. Being able to determine which ones you should prioritise over the others can help you identify which of your responsibilities are more important.

While it may sound simple to do, you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking it is easy. Even experienced real estate developers in the Philippines may have difficulty figuring out which of their daily objectives requires their immediate attention. However, you will appreciate it if you successfully learn how to prioritise your tasks.

Set Reminders

Aside from scheduling your tasks and learning how to prioritise the important ones, reminders are your greatest allies that property developers in the Philippines can’t live without. It is inevitable that as the days progress, there will be tasks that pile up on your shoulders. Setting regular reminders to inform you of upcoming deadlines will help you remember what you are doing. For example, there will be instances when an emergency requires immediate attention. Having alarms can remind you after you finish it. Never overestimate your ability to remember. You’re only human, and everyone tends to forget. Therefore, you should learn to rely on reminders. Fortunately, there are plenty of applications that are available for free.

Always Follow Up


Since property or real estate developers in the Philippines work with other professionals, there will be tasks that you expect others to finish. Therefore, you will also be checking on them and seeing their progress. The tasks can range from purchasing supplies to scheduling meetings. Whatever it is, you will be following up on those things.

Never Make Assumptions

Assuming anything, no matter what your reasons are for doing so, can result in significant losses in time and resources. After you follow up on a task, ensure that you check on the person responsible. Ask them about the progress of their work. Remember that you shouldn’t trust anyone. As property developers, never assume anything and always get confirmation from your team.

Never Be Afraid of Replacing Someone

Replacing anyone in your team is a major decision that can affect everyone. However, there comes a point when you feel that the engineer, architect, or project manager that you are working with is no longer providing you adequate performance. Therefore, you should consider finding a replacement. As one of many property developers in the Philippines, your number one goal is to finish your project.

However, consider replacing someone as your last resort. Property and land developers in the Philippines should always attempt to solve issues and work together.

Welcome Second Opinions


First-time property developers like you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for the opinion of others when making decisions regarding their projects. Feel free to talk to other project managers, architects, and engineers. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be too proud to refuse help when you don’t understand something. Remember that it is better to ask others and receive a concrete answer than overcome obstacles alone.

A Little Amount of Patience is a Good Thing

While follow-ups for your requests and tasks are advisable, you should learn to be patient before sending your next progress check. Look for a way to balance between letting your team know that they need to accomplish a task asap and giving them ample time to do it. Be reasonable and see things from their perspective. As property developers in the Philippines, you need to learn that your team needs space to finish their work.

Separate Passion From Sentimentality

Property developers should learn to remove their emotions from the equation when making decisions regarding their projects. Avoid letting your feelings cloud your judgement. Imagine that you are a robot who only prioritises numbers and results. However, passion is a necessary element as it is one of your primary motivations to pursue this line of work. Therefore, you should learn the fine line between it and sentimentality.


Developing property has plenty of risks you need to avoid. Furthermore, the number of tasks and responsibilities you need to carry on your shoulders can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, some tips and tricks are available for first-time property developers like you.

First, you should make it a habit to schedule everything. No matter how small the task is, place it in your timetable. However, learn how to prioritise your responsibilities. Which among your work is a priority? However, you should set up reminders to inform you of upcoming deadlines and requirements.

Since property developers will be working with other professionals, you shouldn’t avoid following up on their progress. Never assume that once you assign something to an architect, engineer, or other people, they will accomplish it. Regardless, learn how to be patient and provide them with enough time to finish it. If you encounter problematic members in your team, you shouldn’t shy away from finding someone to replace them. However, you need to ensure that it is your last resort.

Last, you should be open to the opinions of other professionals, especially if you are a first-timer.

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