Do you have health concerns regarding your child’s ears, nose or throat? You should be hasty and have your child checked by a professional paediatrics ENT. Your child’s health is essential, so it is crucial that you make a move concerning their health status.

It is why learning about paediatrics and why it is essential to have your kid consulted by them is crucial. Use this resource to learn vital information about paediatrics ENT. Here are facts about paediatrics ENT you need to know.

10 Facts About Paediatrics ENT

  1. Children’s ear, nose, and throat disorders focus on the medical subspecialty known as paediatrics ENT. A paediatric ENT can prevent, identify and treat such conditions in your child.
  2. Paediatrics ENT also identifies and treats any malignant or noncancerous tumours of the neck, thyroid, or larynx. Consulting a paediatric ENT if your child has any lumps or bumps on the face, head, or neck is advisable as they can expertly check your child’s condition.
  3. Paediatrics ENT is a branch of otolaryngology that involves treating children for various bacterial or viral infections that affect the ears, nose, and throat. A skilled paediatrics ENT doctor can provide individualised treatments that are most suited to meet the needs of young patients since they know how a child’s body differs from an adult’s.
  4. Paediatrics ENT specialists can significantly contribute to children’s health and wellness, particularly when treating ear, sinus, tonsil infections, nosebleeds, snoring, or neck growth.
  5. A paediatrics ENT ensures that your kid receives the most delicate treatment when they are in discomfort or have an ear, nose, and throat condition. With the aid of skilful paediatrics ENT, you can be sure that they will treat your child with age-appropriate compassion and respect and that they feel at ease.
  6. Since they are typically more sensitive than adults, kids are more likely to experience tension or worry when in a strange or new environment. A paediatrics ENT goes above and above to create an environment where their young patients will feel comfortable.

To keep your child occupied while they wait, you can expect that the design of an ENT clinic in Singapore is complete with toys, books, magazines, and even DVDs. Their clinic and exam rooms are painted and furnished in bright hues to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere pleasing to the child’s eyes.

  1. An ENT doctor in Singapore is an expert in treating typical ENT issues as they have excellent training and additional education or experience treating children with complex otolaryngologic disorders or problems arising from their extensive medical histories, such as repeated operations. If your child is feeling discomfort and continuous pains in their ears, it is recommendable that you visit an ear specialist in Singapore.
  1. Indeed, tonsillitis, ear infections, and runny noses frequently accompany parents and their kids to a paediatrics ENT. However, an ENT specialist in Singapore handles treating conditions like head and neck cancer, hearing loss or impairment, facial fractures, swallowing problems, balance issues, and more.
  1. Paediatrics ENT concentrates on providing children with comfortable examinations and treatments. They also employ equipment specifically made for kids and frequently have kid-friendly and comfortable offices.
  1. Children require specialised paediatrics ENT care since it addresses serious problems that virtually exclusively affect children. The issues could be minor worries or significant ones that call for medical attention or surgery. You can assure that with the knowledge and skills of a paediatrics ENT, they would address these issues to protect your child’s health.

Now that you learn the essential facts about a paediatrics ENT, it’s time to go through the discussion of ‘when does your child need to see a paediatrics ENT?’.

When Does Your Child Need To See A Paediatrics ENT?


Paediatricians treat many conditions that some paediatrics ENT specialists also treat. For parents, this overlap can be distressing. Therefore, you should take your child to a paediatric ENT expert rather than a paediatrician if they exhibit any of these symptoms or conditions:

1. Ear infection.

Ear infections are a common problem in young children. It’s one of the most frequent causes of a visit to an ear doctor in Singapore.

However, you should speak with a paediatrics ENT if your child is experiencing more than four infections. It is recommendable to go to an ear clinic if there are any ruptures on their eardrum during an infection. In addition, check if your child has had persistent fluid in their ears for more than three months; it would be best to consult an ENT doctor.

It is also a big problem if your child with ear infections experiences a speech delay. Consulting with an ENT specialist in Singapore is a must!

Moreover, it is most likely for you and your child to go to an ear doctor in Singapore if your child reacts negatively to medication, such as allergies, severe diarrhoea, vomiting, etc.

2. Breathing problems.

Consulting with a paediatrics ENT specialist is essential if your kids have difficulty breathing normally and healthily. If your child has asthma, the child may be given an inhaler by a paediatrics ENT doctor.

Additionally, administering a prescription nasal spray may aid in better breathing. An experienced paediatrics ENT doctor can provide obstructive sleep apnea treatment for kids who have trouble breathing at night while asleep.

3. Nose bleeds.

After being hit, your child may get nose bleeding, which is normal. However, continuous nosebleeds unrelated to incidents are a different matter. For initial care, consulting a paediatrician is fine, but you should see a paediatric ENT if there is persistently severe bleeding.

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