Artificial Christmas trees are increasingly popular thanks to their ecological side. The idea of ​​participating in respect for the environment through this kind of purchase is charming. Today, there are very elaborate models, which have nothing to envy to real wooden trees.

Before buying a tree, it is advisable to make some preparations. Do you prefer an artificial tree in polyethylene or PVC, pre-decorated or flocked? Do you want a pre-illuminated tree or a model to which you add the string lights yourself? What dimensions are best for your home?

Most people already have a good idea of ​​where they want to place it. However, it is recommended that you first measure the height and width of the area in question.

Artificial Christmas trees now brilliantly combine aesthetics, durability, and practicality. Without maintenance, it does not dry out and does not lose its needles. It is also convenient to store, folded in a cupboard. It is reusable, which is why its choice requires reflection.

The artificial also offers many possibilities in terms of originality. A colored tree will allow you to make your decorations stand out even more. Finally, bright trees will help you create a magical atmosphere in your interior. Material, shape, color, everything is possible.


  • When measuring the maximum height, be sure to leave space for your crown decoration
  • Remember to look for the diameter of the tree on its tag when purchasing
  • Narrower trees work wonders in hallways, dining rooms, or as secondary trees
  • To be stored for several years, trees designed for outdoor use must resist bad weather and UV rays.
  • Lights preinstalled on artificial trees make installation easy
  • Branches with shapeable tips are the ones that best mimic the look of the natural tree

Types of artificial Christmas tree

There is a huge array of Christmas tree styles to choose from, each featuring a different look, shape, and color.


  • Bushy appearance
  • choice if you want to few decorations

Types of artificial trees – Pine


  • A classic needle arrangement
  • Lots of space for decorations


  • A more traditional shape and style
  • Ideal for abundant decorations

Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Branches treated to give the impression of being covered with snow
  • Adds a touch of old-world charm to your holiday decor
  • Available or not with preinstalled lights

Glitter / Metallic

  • Laminated or metallic Christmas tree
  • Retro look
  • Brings color and fantasy

Advantage of the artificial tree

Its longevity. You have spent years sweeping away its thorns, trying to suck up those left between the boards of the floor; for many weeks after the holidays, you tried to get rid of your tree… And finally, this year, opting for an artificial tree has become obvious. And yes, when the forest tree lasts about a month, its plastic cousin can decorate the house for up to six years in a row, on average. On the maintenance side, the artificial tree only requires a wipe to dust it once out of the cellar.

Lighted artificial Christmas trees are trendy because it saves them time and effort of putting up garlands in the trees and because the light Christmas tree garlands (of excellent quality) are professionally strung for minimizing cable entanglement. If you are planning to buy a lighted tree, once again, you should be able to judge the quality of the garlands in terms of the number and quality of bulbs.

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