BBQ 2u is a family business with a passion for barbecues and Kamado Joe, Napoleon BBQs, Masterbuilt and Ooni Pizza ovens. They not only deal with all kinds of barbeque equipment, but they also offer an impressive variety of Kamado Joe and Napolean accessories to their customers. Everyone can find a suitable BBQ for them, whether they are looking for a gas-operated one or a charcoal one. Take a look at the fantastic range of Kamado Joe BBQ classic II and Kamado Joe classic 3BBQ.

When cooking for a crowd, Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 and Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 are the perfect ones. These big ones are perfect for seriously larger areas. Some remarkable innovations are coming with all the awesome new accessories to upgrade the grilling game.

With the Kamado Joe Cast Iron Sear Plate Grate, anyone can arrange a big BBQ party for their friends and family. The cast-iron sear plate fits perfectly for all classics such as Joe Junior. The long-lasting durability and excellent heat retention make cast -iron perfect for all cuts. At the same time, the hearty grate marks char meats and seals the flavours in the dishes.

Some of the fantastic features of Kamado Joe Cast Iron Sear Plate Grate include –

  • Perfect fitting for Joe Jr. for sizzling techniques
  • Flawless fitting in the lower rack of classic Joe conquer and divide the frame for close to the coals searing
  • Each side produces the unique burning mark
  • Extremely durable
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect fit for Kamada Joe classic Joe I, II, III and Joe Jr

Kamado is an archaic Asian – style grill. It looks like a thick-walled cooker and imparts a smoky, rich flavour to fish, meats and vegetables. The functioning has been relatively unchanged for centuries. The air flows through the ceramic walls of the grill. It helps the vented dome, and the chunk of charcoal comes to life as heat and smoke.

The kamado joe bundle uk is proud to draw on the tradition. They have modernised the style of grilling with exceptional craftsmanship, a range of flexible cooking surfaces and innovative accessories. It includes locking wheels and a standard premium ceramic grill of galvanised steel carts with powder-coating. It also consists of a built-in thermometer.

Kamado Joe bundle has finished folding HDPE side shelves and handles. It uses half-moon heal deflectors x2 for grilling. Kontrol Tower top vent, airlift Hinge, and AMP firebox are also present in the Kamado Joe bundle. Other features include a Patented slide-out ash drawer, wire Mesh Fibreglass Market, Ash tool and grill gripper.

The Kamado Joe Classic II is the latest addition to the grill range of the Kamado Joe range. The model comes with the latest features, making it the most advanced grill available anywhere.

BBQs 2u’s YouTube channel has videos about using and assembling Kamada Joe cast-iron sear plates grate and Kamado Joe – classic II bundle. People can learn many things about kamado to enjoy using it and make it a worthy product.