Are you now shopping for your wedding shoes? Are you experiencing problems with what shoes to buy for your big day? Indeed, selecting the best wedding shoes is not a simple task. After all, no one wants to have sore feet during her memorable day. In this article, you can learn the top tips for selecting the perfect wedding shoe. The most essential takeaway in this article is, you are not limited to selecting from one shoe only.

Buy Shoes Early

The general rule is to avoid buying shoes until the last minute of your wedding day. You can make a Pinterest board of the different wedding shoe styles or dansesko that you wish to have. With this, you can have an idea at the back of your mind on what goes best with your wedding dress.

If you wish to buy it online, it is best to buy early because the sizes can run out quickly. If the sizes are unavailable, you need to wait for several days or months, especially if the product is handmade. Thus, it is always a good idea to grab the shoe earlier than later.

If you have it before your gown fitting, you can wear it and try to see if it matches your gown. You can check if the hem is just right. With this, you can save on any alterations that will cost you some money.

Consider the Venue of your Wedding

Where is the venue for your wedding? Is it at the ballroom, church, outdoors, garden, or barn? Think about the location and when the ceremony will take place.

For garden weddings, you might want to have comfortable flats. This will look best and make you feel comfortable on a garden terrain. But if you want to wear some heels, low heel shoes will suit the uneven garden surface. Check JJ’s House for suitable shoes for you. Meanwhile, you can also wear a bootie which is a mix between a flat and a heel which can provide you some support during the ceremony.

In a nutshell, wherever your wedding venue is, make sure that your choice of footwear will work well with the location.

The Key is Comfort

Think about your daily style. Are you someone who is fond of wearing a 4-inch dansesko? Then you can stick to your style and wear a stiletto during the big day. Just make sure that your heel has extra padding on it so you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

If you like sandals or sneakers, then you can stick to flats at JJ’s House during your wedding day. You can skip sticking on stilettos because all eyes will focus on you. If heels are essential, you can have a low heel so you can experience it without going all over the board.

Moreover, choose shoes that are made of natural materials like genuine leather. This allows breathability and stretching.

Select a Shoe that Complements Your Style

Check the element of your wedding gown and select shoes with similar looks. You don’t want to choose shoes which look disastrous on your big day.


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