Divorce is one of the most challenging decisions an individual needs to make. It is tremendously painful for the couple, but it is not only heartbreaking for them. Children are gravely affected when they realise that their parents have to separate ways and go through a divorce. Some children are open-minded to the possibilities of their parents divorcing and living with their future step families. However, most children cannot accept the fact and still struggle with the transition.

Before fully deciding, go on a divorce counselling with your partner first. It is to make sure that the final decision works for both of you and the benefit of your kids. Your children will suffer from a wide variety of crises and problems. As a parent, no matter how heavy the load of your problems are, it is still crucial to understand the effects of divorce and how your children are affected by it.

To help better understand them, here are some of the effects that your children may go through during their parents’ divorce.

Children Responses: How Children Reacts To Their Parents’ Divorcing

While you may have many worries on your mind, from your future living situation to the custody arrangement all the way to the separation, you must worry about how your children will deal with the divorce the most. To help you come up with a few supportive parenting strategies, you and your child can get a family therapy session in Singapore. But in the meantime, understanding these adjustments and changes brought by the divorce can help you and them.


Once the divorced is granted, an emotional turmoil for your kids and the entire family may happen, especially in the first year after the divorce. One of the most common emotional impacts of divorce on them is depression, or in some cases, anxiety. If you do not want your kids to suffer from depression, make sure to schedule a divorce counselling session with a therapist first before finalising your decision. The thoughts that haunt them post-divorce are the sudden changes in their lives or the accompanying stressors. The idea of changing schools, moving into another home, being away from their friends, living with a single parent, or dealing with a new environment can add agony and cause depression for them.

Children are highly likely to bounce back and get their lives together. But in such cases where your child still finds it difficult to adjust and get used to the changes in their daily routines, you may seek help from a family therapy counselling in Singapore. Therapists would be there for them until they get comfortable with the new arrangements in their life.



One of the reasons to go through family therapy in Singapore with your partner and kids is to create open communication within the family. When things get rough for you and your partner, you can talk to your children about it. Without communication, heavier effects and problems may develop.

One of the negative outcomes that may happen to your child is poor performance in academics. Children from divorced families are still in the process of understanding the changing dynamics of their lives and family. That is the foremost reason they are distracted, confused, and spaced out in classes, which all results in poor performance academically. Children who are more distracted by their thoughts are more likely to have lesser attention during their lectures and not able to concentrate on their school work. It is best to have a divorce counsellingsession before things get worse to eliminate the chances of low grades.


Research has shown that most people who do not believe in love and marriages come from broken families or divorced parents. Children with divorced parents may start to lose their faith in finding love, building relationships, creating a family, or getting married.

However, some research has also proven that some children are still hoping to have stable and long-lasting relationships when they grow up despite the loss of faith. If you do not want your child to experience a similar problem, you can book a family therapy appointment in Singapore with your children.


Children with divorced parents are highly likely to go through future conflicts and engage in unexpected risks in their behaviour, such as drug use, early sexual activities, or crimes. A research in the United States in 2016 has revealed that adolescents who live with a broken family have higher chances of participating in crimes, smoking habits, excessive alcohol intake, or prescription drug use, such as marijuana, tobacco, or weed. Rebelling through destructive behaviour is one of their coping ways after their parents’ divorce. In case it happens to your child, the best solution for that is to communicate and undergo family therapy in Singapore.



Without family therapy in Singapore, it will be intensely difficult for your children to adjust and cope with the stress brought by the divorce. They may suffer from the risk behaviours mentioned above and may even suffer from and participate in more life-threatening situations. As much as you are hurting and can no longer bear the idea of living with your partner, still try to seek help from a divorce counselling therapist.

Divorce can negatively affect their social life as well. They may stay away from their friends, have less time for social media, or reject talking to anyone, even their family. It is the time when they create a boundary and space for themselves and do not allow anyone to go beyond the limit. If your child starts setting boundaries and stops talking to people, it is time to schedule afamily therapy appointment in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the possible effects your children may suffer from after the divorce. As a partner, going through a divorce is difficult, especially if you can no longer bear it and do not want to stay with your partner anymore. As a parent, it is also problematic because you have to make sure that your choice does not gravely affect your children. When things get rough, or you start to have a hard time deciding, seek help from a divorce counselling therapist. They can schedule and set family therapy sessions in Singapore for you and your partner, you and your kids, and your partner and your kids. These sessions will help children understand the situation and, at the same time, help you and your partner in making the final decision.

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