The cleanliness of your workspace is often a direct reflection of the state of your business. An untidy workspace implies a lack of care for your staff, your clients, and your company overall. 

Whereas a clean office shows that you care about your staff and their working conditions, as well as presenting the best possible picture for your clients. 

When considering your cleaning needs, you will inevitably consider whether to hire a facilities management company to outsource your cleaning tasks. Many businesses are hesitant to do so, however, due to common misconceptions about these companies and the services that they provide. 

To help you off the fence, we’re breaking down the most common misconceptions about hiring cleaners for your workplace. 

Myth: You don’t need regular Cleaning

Much like their homes, people often think their offices only need to be cleaned when they are visibly dirty. This is not the case. Whilst your office may not have obvious dirt and stains, it can be home to countless bacteria and harmful germs that are invisible to the naked eye. 

This is why having a regular office cleaner is so important. They will remove things both seen and unseen, to provide you with a workplace that is both clean and safe.  

Myth: Commercial cleaners are Expensive

Running a business is a fine balancing act of managing expenses. Contrary to what some believe, however, they are much more affordable than you may have thought. Furthermore, they are cheaper than the cost of hiring, training, and equipping cleaners of your own. 

Many facilities management companies can tailor their service to your needs, so you can get what you need without blowing your budget. 

Myth: Your staff can handle cleaning Tasks

Unless you’ve hired your team with the explicit purpose of cleaning, they probably have better things to do. Furthermore, they will lack the necessary training and skills that a professional would possess. 

Myth: All cleaning products are the same

Just like any other product available, there are good, bad, and ugly cleaning products. A professional service will know the best products to use and will ensure your staff aren’t exposed to anything harmful. 

Myth: They won’t do a good job

This comes down to experience. Of course, some companies are better than others, but negative experiences are often the fault of poor communication. If you make your expectations clear, the cleaning company can ensure these are met. 

Myth: They will interfere with your staff

More often than not, cleaners will perform their duties during your off-hours. This makes sense for two reasons: 

  1. It allows your staff to work unimpeded. 
  2. The cleaners need your workspace to be empty in order to clean it effectively. 


As you can see, despite what you may have heard, hiring a professional cleaner or facilities management company will be of great benefit to your business!

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