As we turn years, our spine is affected by the passage of time. Older people may have a series of back disorders. However, one of the most common is usually related to osteoporosis and degenerative conditions that can affect the discs, among other structures in the area.

Common Condition In The Elderly

Everyone will ever suffer from back pain regardless of our age, however, when we get older, ailments, fractures, and degenerative diseases are more common, and it is when it is necessary to go to southampton neurosurgery.

Vertebral Fractures

When suffering from osteoporosis, having a fracture is a common risk and a trauma unfortunately normal for these people. However, to be sure that a fracture has occurred, it is necessary to perform specific studies such as x-rays, resonances, or even tomographs, to have an image that shows what has happened. Of course, not every older adult who has a fracture means that they have osteoporosis, so if you are still unsure, the doctor should ask for a bone density test.

Checking for osteoporosis is essential, especially in women who are the ones who present it most when menopause passes. Bone density decreases, and the spine is one of those that is severely compromised, weakening. When fractures occur due to this disease, they usually happen after a fall or blow; however, in many cases, they can occur without having any reason that seems apparent.

However, these injuries usually occur to a greater extent because of the compression of the vertebrae. Fortunately, these tend to improve in a couple of months without surgery. However, it will be the specialists who will determine the treatment and medication that the patient can take it so that he can have a full recovery considering that he has osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, not all people who have fallen are saved from having a fracture and need surgery to recover. When people have osteoporosis, they may not respond well to physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment. Therefore, if the pain does not diminish and your health status does not change, then surgery is most likely necessary. In these cases, the specialist will indicate the procedure to follow and the options he has. There will always be the possibility of performing operations that are minimally invasive and do not represent a risk for the patient or require significant recovery times.

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