It is vital to find an enclosure for your property. Still, before you make up your mind, you should understand everything about different fencing materials that exist and you can use.

From elaborate molded vinyl styles to post-and-rail used a century ago, you should know fences have come a long way since their beginnings. Their main goal was always the same to deter unwanted visitors and ensure privacy.

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It does not matter if you wish to keep your children or pets safe in your neighborhood or keep the potential visitors from breaching your landscape because you should choose a proper fence material and style to boost curb appeal and increase overall safety.

Before you decide to load your truck with different fencing materials, you should read this article to know more about the other choices you can make.

It would be best if you took a survey to place a fence on your property line. The first thing you should do is check out with the homeowner’s association to determine the codes and regulations.

For instance, they may restrict some materials and limit the overall height, which are essential factors to determine beforehand. That is why you should get a green light, which will help you choose the best material.


  • Cedar


If you wish to ensure privacy and enjoyment within your property, you should choose the cedar option. With it, you will get fewer knows, tight grain, and a long-lasting red hue that will not shrink or warp like other types of wood.

Since it can naturally resist insects and decay, you should know that soil can affect it, so you should treat and maintain it. Creating a fence from cedar requires treated wood for fence posts or concrete base, which is more stable and effective than other options.

Of course, you can also install everything by yourself by customizing planks to create a wide array of styles, such as lattice-topped or saddleback. Still, we recommend you find a professional to handle the installation in no time.

You should know that cedar will change its color to gray after a while, which means you should maintain it properly and replace specific planks. To ensure durable protection and color, you should apply penetrating sealant after installation and at least once annually.


  • Vinyl


On the other hand, if you wish to get the new option available on the market, you should choose vinyl fencing that exists only a few decades. Early options were not as durable, which means they tended to become brittle and sag after a few years.

However, things are entirely different nowadays, and vinyl options are more durable than other things you can find on the market.

It is vital to remember that vinyl has become the most durable option with a lifetime warranty deal for thicker gauge, thickness counts, and quality. 

If you wish to make sure the best installation process, you should find a fence contractor because the minor out-of-level issue can be highly noticeable and unappealing.

As soon as you install it, you can rest assured because it is maintenance-free. Of course, you should wash the dirt by using a garden hose and mild detergent from time to time.


  • Composite


You should get a composite fence if you wish to get a wooden-like option that features wood fibers and plastic polymers. It is a great way to ensure a wood-like appearance without its degrading and rotting properties.

Therefore, you will get a combination of substance and style, which is more expensive than cedar and vinyl, but you will get high quality. Of course, you should find professionals to handle the process similarly to vinyl material.

The material comes in a wide array of qualities, which is why you should find a reputable manufacturer before you make up your mind.

Composite material requires spraying with water to keep it fresh and clean. However, you do not have to maintain it like other materials available on the market.


  • Metal


You can choose a wide array of styles from contemporary to classic, depending on your exterior design and landscaping when it comes to metal. For instance, wrought iron options are prominent among people from across the globe because they are highly durable.

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Of course, you should find a professional contractor to ensure you get the best appeal possible for wrought iron. On the other hand, you can choose different steel, aluminum, and iron fences. 

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