For a weary population battling the impact of COVID-19, energy bills pose a brand new challenge. Earlier in the year, energy efficiency in homes via window glazing was predicted to be a major building trend for 2020. But that was before a virus brought the world to a standstill. And in the new normal, energy-efficient housing is turning out to be not a mere trend but a necessity. As more Australians are considering right sizing their homes and making them smarter and more eco-friendly, customised double glazed windows are going to be a major buzzword in construction. 

What is double glazing?

Simply put, it consists of having two panels of glass on your windows, separated by a perimeter spacer filled with air or an inert gas like argon. Double glazing is the most cost-effective means of minimising heat transfer through windows. You don’t have to have your existing windows removed. With customised windows, you can simply improve on the existing ones to make your home more energy-efficient. 

Why Opt for Customised Double Glazed Windows

Who doesn’t love the morning light streaming into your rooms through the windows? But did you know that your regular single glazed windows also let in 87% of the summer heat into your home? And that in winter, 40% of your heating is lost? The solution is to opt for double glazed windows. These highly efficient windows allow for great light transmission while also providing an outstanding level of thermal retention. 

Retrofit double glazed windows are easy to install and because of the custom fit to your existing windows, they provide excellent results. They are made to your specific requirements and can be adapted to suit your aesthetic. While reducing your energy consumption, you can also completely transform the look of a room if you choose to, with a stunning new window design. Try out something entirely new and dramatic, or keep it muted if that’s more your style. The good news is, while you play around with colours, material and design, the double glazing is also protecting your home from humidity and keeping the temperature from wildly fluctuating. 

Why Replace When you Can Retrofit?

Whether you are thoroughly renovating your home or simply making it more energy-efficient, customised double glazing will save you the pain of having your windows replaced. The difference to your energy bills will be visible almost immediately! 

With customised double glazed windows, here are some benefits to your home besides improved insulation: 

– You save yourself the trouble and mess of window replacements

– You save yourself from external noise that is filtered out through the double layer of glass

– Your home is better protected from condensation

– You act as a responsible, eco-conscious citizen by reducing waste

There is never a better time than now to enhance the design elements of your home and embrace the energy-efficient lifestyle with customised double glazed windows. 

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