On top of regulatory compliance, text archiving and call monitoring also function as a robust security system for your business communication.

With innovative features for monitoring suspicious activities and securing business communication with end-to-end encryption, text and call archiving is a powerful tool against defrauding activities. Here’s why:

Text Archiving and Call Monitoring for Fraud Detection

One of the primary functions of archiving software and applications is to record text message data and voice call recordings.

Having a complete archive and a centralized server allows you to search, monitor, and access business communication data to detect suspicious patterns like:

  • Use of VPN or bad proxy connection resulting in unmatched IP address.
  • Transactions with email addresses that have no history are rated to be risky and likely to be flagged or disposable.
  • Numerous small transactions using multiple and stolen cards to avoid being conspicuous.
  • Customers who are returning items they never even purchased in the first place.
  • False insurance claims for undamaged items or damage due to the customer’s negligence.
  • Employees collude with customers to commit fraud against your organization.
  • Behavior and attitude that may be indicative of fraud.

Ensure that the message and call archiving solution is working properly and collect the data necessary to identify these fraudulent patterns by implementing them correctly. You can use copies and records of messages and calls to verify the authenticity and details of communication.

Text Archiving and Call Monitoring for Fraud Prevention

Having an archiving solution deters fraudsters as they are less likely to attempt to commit fraud when they know that you are monitoring their communications. However, they may still proceed to try suspicious activities despite knowing they are under surveillance, but detecting them wouldn’t be a problem with communication archiving.

After successful detection, you may gather pieces of evidence to prosecute fraudsters by accessing and retrieving incriminating text messages and voice call recordings. Evidence documentation is crucial in fraud-related investigations and disputes as it provides an objective record, accelerating conflict resolution.

Archived communication data helps analyze previous fraud or misconduct cases, establishing trends and determining areas your employees may need additional training to prevent future incidents.


Integrating your organization’s business communication with text message and call archiving maintains transparency and accountability in your operations for fraud deterrence and prevention.

By partnering with innovative archival software developers like TeleMessage, you guarantee a robust anti-fraud system, regulatory compliance, and ethical digital behavior within your organization. 

TeleMessage offers multiple archiving solutions you can mix and match depending on the needs of your organization, and here are some of them:

  • Network Archiving
  • Enterprise Number Archiving
  • Android Archiving
  • Voice Call Archiving
  • Third-Party Communication Platform Archiving

Among various innovative products and services, contact and collaborate with TeleMessage today to produce combinations and excellent compliance strategies for your organization.




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