Even though Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most well-developed countries worldwide, it is also the most expensive place to live found by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) when they conducted the Worldwide Cost of the Living survey in 2021.

That result is not surprising since most married couples in the country have to work together to earn more and provide a comfortable life and better education for their children. The problem, however, is that the competitiveness of the country in finding qualified workers led to unemployment of 75,000 residents and 67,900 citizens.

If you belong to that category, there is still hope. Consider answering online surveys for money while you are looking for a job. Even though the amount you will earn is not much, it is enough to motivate you to work hard in your job search.

Part I: The Importance Of Paid Online Survey

Many people have been taking online surveys for money for years. It is not unexpected since who would say no to it when they can earn money by answering a survey? With costly living, a couple of cash can go a long way. You cannot blame other people who have made some money via an online paid survey to share and pass down this idea from one person to another. They consider answering a paid online survey to pay off the remaining unsettled bills.

Nevertheless, below are some of the reasons why people answer online surveys for money.

1. Figure Out Self-Perception

When you register at a paid online survey website, you should expect that the questions are not given randomly. The primary purpose of paid online surveys is to urge respondents to express themselves about a particular topic.

For example, in the current social issues that Singapore is facing, many companies want to know about the consumers. Such as a case of why surveys are valuable tools for gaining insight into one’s activities and opinions.

2. To Help Others

Apart from voicing a personal opinion, some people answer online surveys for money to help others. Most giant corporations conduct polls to find clues or ideas on how they can reach out to the best and make sure they can help the community with what they need in reality.

Part II: How To Choose A Paid Online Survey Site?

The best way to enjoy survey sites in Singapore is to choose the right one. You have to be aware that not everything you see on the internet is real. You might find some fraudulent websites that might fool and scam you if you do not know what factors you should consider or come into play.

Prevent that from happening by keeping the following in mind when you choose a paid online survey site.


What To Look For

●    A Clear Privacy Policy

Having a clear privacy policy can give you peace of mind that nothing will happen to the details, even the contact information that you will share with the paid online survey website. Even more, once you start answering online surveys for money on their platform.

When you have found that they have a privacy policy, ensure you read each line carefully. Doing so will help determine whether or not the paid online survey sites are worthy of your trust.

●    Shows Contact Information

Knowing what phone number you can reach out to and drop by in person can ease your anxiety. Having these will help confirm their identity, which can convince you to sign up and even recommend the online surveys sites for money to your family or friends.

●    Indicate How To Claim Rewards

It would also be best if the online survey sites in Singapore included the step by step process of how one can claim the rewards they are supposed to receive after finishing a survey.

What To Avoid

●    Request For Upfront Membership Fee

Be careful of any online paid sites that require this. You should know that reputable online surveys sites for money will never charge anyone a one-time membership fee to allow them to answer paid surveys and earn money.

Make sure to stay away from this kind of online paid survey site if you have found one.

●    Guarantee A Set Of Income

Answering paid online surveys for money does not guarantee a set income. The earnings you make highly depend on how many surveys you have answered through the month. The rewards that the surveyor is willing to give to respondents also count as a factor for your earnings.

Part III: How To Get The Most Out Of Paid Online Survey?

Due to increasing daily expenditures and unemployment, the number of people who take paid online surveys for money has continuously climbed up over the past few years. If you have trouble with one of these issues, consider taking a paid online survey.

Here are the things you need to take note of so you can get the most out of your journey in answering online surveys for money.



A dedicated email address allows you to see how many paid online surveys for money you need to answer throughout the day. Since they are on a separate email, you do not have to make a filter to divide the personal, working, and survey emails that you receive.


Most online surveys for money have a referral programme that grants users rewards once they successfully refer someone. Doing this allows you to earn money without answering a survey.


Without a stable internet connection, you might get interrupted when answering an online survey for money, and you will not be able to get any reward in the end.

The Bottom Line

Answering online surveys for money does not make anyone rich but helps them earn a bit of cash to pay off their remaining bills. If you know someone who wants to earn money through a paid survey in Singapore, consider sharing this article to help them with their journey.

On the other hand, if you think you are ready to earn some extra income through a survey, sign up at HappyDot.sg! Help resolve the current social issues in Singapore by honestly giving your thoughts and the solutions that you have in mind.

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