The hopes of the US stock market are based on technology stocks as coronavirus proliferate and effective solutions to contain spreads are lacking in months. Companies like Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today unveiled the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles at an industry-leading event. These next-generation gaming consoles have been created with a lot of expectations and are behind some catalysts that have the potential to add to the MSFT inventory. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just a curious tech investor, the Xbox Series X launch should be on your radar. In our view, these predictions could prove conservative if coronavirus blockages are carried out in the coming winter months and further stimulation programs are launched in the United States.

On the other hand, sales of commercial PCs fell by -22%. This shows that some of the company’s previous performance trends have peaked. Interestingly, Microsoft’s PC segment sales began to decline shortly after Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 ended. However, the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted these numbers as well and it now appears that there are year-round weaknesses in these regions. The main explanation shows that this week we’re back to what many consider a war between console makers. Today Microsoft began announcing the Xbox Series X for $ 499 and the affordable Xbox Series S model for $ 299.

This is just the beginning. On Thursday, rival Sony (NYSE: SNE) will take turns releasing PlayStation 5. The timing of Microsoft and Sony’s launches is no coincidence. The Xbox and PlayStation consoles both have loyal supporters and the battle is always tense. What’s important is that many believe Microsoft is the overall runner up. Although several PlayStation consoles have become bestsellers, Xbox sales remain relatively weak. In the past, Sony has owned multiple game studios offering more exclusive launches and access to better titles.

Good and bad things for MSFT Stock in 2020

One of the most powerful aspects of the Office 365 package are the Microsoft teams with currently 115 million active users (DAUs) per day. In April, Microsoft reported that the team’s application included 75 million DAUs. We can see that the coronavirus economy is having a significant impact on how ordinary consumers view the company. Well, Microsoft really seems to be taking the challenge this year. That helped in increasing the price of MSFT stock. Just seven weeks before the launch of the Xbox Series X, we acquired ZeniMax, the parent company of the Bethesda game studio. For this reason, many investors are overweight in MSFT stock. For more information like balance sheet, you can check at

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