A business would not exist without its customers. Regardless of what industry you belong in or the kinds of products and services you offer, they are the ones who play a crucial role. You may create all the products in the world, but if you do not have them, you do not have a business. Gaining their attention is one thing.

However, what matters most is how you get them to stay with you. It takes commitment, effective customer strategy, and the will to always meet their demands to even get a chance to make them loyal to you. In simple words, you must know how to establish a long-term relationship.

Plenty of factors can come to mind when you are planning to make this customer relationship work. These include product quality, ease of use of your online platform, and efficiency of your delivery services.

While there might be more factors that can come into play, covering the first two major factors is vital. The third major one, however, would depend on the performance of your third-party logistics services partner. What you can do to ensure they can meet your customer’s demand is to, essentially, trust the best one in the field.

In this article, you will learn all about the importance of meeting customer satisfaction. It would take three reasons why it is important. Next, you will learn the advantages you will get when you hire a logistics company.

Of course, you should not be hiring just any company that will approach you and offer you a partnership contract. You should also know the qualities that you should look for in one! You can find these qualities below as well.

Lastly, if you already have a logistics partner, you would have to know if they truly deliver what a good company can do. Find the signs that would tell you to find another one that can provide what your customers need. You can get all of these below, so start reading!


Importance of Customer Satisfaction in Business

If you want to stand out from the competition, ensuring customer satisfaction is your key. It plays an integral role within your business since it is the leading indicator to measure loyalty, identify unhappy customers, and increase revenue. In a competitive marketplace, this is an element that you would want to increase. Here are some reasons why:


Retaining customers cost less than gaining new ones

It is time to treasure your customers because you must know that gaining the attention of prospective customers can cost six times more than retaining the existing customers you already have.

Loyal customers are said to be worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. A good example of this is the banks and mobile providers because they know how to take the extra mile when their loyal customers are having trouble with their service. They know that it would be cheaper to offer them something special than lose them to attract a new one!

They will always choose you

You must know how much it matters for a customer to be treated right. Among all the competitions in your industry, you would want to make it right to every customer you have, even if it takes getting the best express delivery service out there. It has been proven that the majority of customers would choose higher prices if it assured them that they would get what they need. Hence, increasing your budget to get a trustworthy delivery service should be a strategy to prioritise.

Spread positive testimonials

Customers are said to be more eager to share negative experiences than positive reviews and recommendations. Hence, if you missed satisfying one customer, you can expect to never hear from them again and to the 20 potential customers that they can bring to you. A satisfied customer, however, will become your brand advocates. Giving them a memorable experience would enable them to share their positive experience in their network. As a result, you are attracting new customers passively!

As the trend in online shopping increases, you have more opportunities and customers coming your way. Having a base knowledge of the importance of meeting customer demands and satisfying customer needs, you can expect your business to grow bigger over time. When it comes to choosing eCommerce, you must know that your customers are likely to give you a positive review when you meet their expectations on delivery. Thus, hiring a company that can offer fast logistic service, such as same-day delivery in Malaysia would greatly impact your customers’ satisfaction!


What Can Logistic Services Do?

Due to the rising number of shipments delivered each year because of the increase of the eCommerce business, the logistics industry continues to thrive. If you are only beginning in this field, you must understand that keeping up with the fast pace of the changing customers’ needs, interest, and requirements is essential. It calls for innovative processes, such as express delivery service to help business, like you, meet the demands of your customers.

If from the beginning you have partnered with a logistics company that knows evolving their services with the times is crucial, you would surely benefit from them. With them, they can do these things for you:


Get their expert ways to ship your goods

From local to international shipment, you can rely on the expertise of a logistic company. They are a team of knowledgeable individuals who knows about the different ways to get your products to your customers’ doors! With their in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of moving goods inside Malaysia or your other target country, you can trust that they will use the safest packaging and take the best route to give your customers’ orders to them.

If you want to know more about their ins-and-outs, you can also ask them how they operate!

Allow you to focus on your operations

With having the best freight forwarding service in the country, you can allow yourself and your employees to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. You would no longer have to worry about how your goods will reach your customers because your hired logistics company will be the one to operate that aspect. Thus, you would have more time to dedicate to your product development, market, and sales!

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Customers like to be in the loop about the status of their shipments. It is a feature that they want to get when they order online from a shop. Meeting this demand is possible. As long as you hire a logistics company that can give a supply chain visibility solution wherein it would allow your customers to see the status of their shipments, you are on the right track. With this, you are giving your customers an enhanced experience!

When you keep this up, you can receive:

  • Positive feedback
  • Increased customer retainment
  • Increased revenue

Reduce on costs

Refusing to use the efficiency of logistic services will cost you more than you should. Last-mile delivery, for instance, allows you to give your customers the convenience of receiving their orders at their front steps. It is all thanks to the extensive coverage of logistic service. Without this, your customers may end up paying for additional costs that may discourage them to purchase from you. More than that, your parcels are safe in their hands. It will prevent you from receiving complaints to replace damaged goods with free shipping. While it is a small cost to spend to satisfy your customer, it would never have happened if you trusted a logistic service in the first place!


Qualities of a Reliable Logistics Company

Now that you understand the contribution of a reliable logistic company in Malaysia, you must find yourself a trustworthy one. It is an important step, so you must know what a reliable and trustworthy company should offer. Let this be a checklist for you:


Years of experience in the industry

It is not a small task to transport products around a country, let alone around the world. Many issues can take place. However, as they say, “experience is the best teacher.” A logistics company’s years of experience in the industry would allow them to know the solutions to every problem they might encounter. Hence, they can keep you out of trouble.

Excellent customer service

The moment you give your products in the hands of your hired transport services, they will be the point of contact of your customers. So, if your customers had a bad experience with your chosen company, they will blame you for your poor choice, too. From the get-go, you can avoid this from happening. That is if you have hired a transport company with excellent customer service. Trust that they will be responsive and accommodating to the needs of your customers!


The saying “time is of the essence” applies in the operation of logistic companies. They know that one wrong turn can lead to delays. When your customers do not get their parcels within the expected arrival time, your business suffers. As a result, they will be unhappy and might no longer give your business a second chance.

When you hire a time-oriented logistic company, they will ensure that it would never happen to you. These companies invest in effective GPS devices that allow them to see which is the fastest route to take when they are in delivery. Thus, your customers will get their orders within or even before the expected arrival time!


Making the Switch: Is It Time to Hire a New Logistics Company?

If you are reading this article to have more knowledge about how a logistics company should perform, you should know if it is time to hire a new one. Let these signs be your guide:


More complaints from your customers

A clear sign that your current logistics company is not doing well to meet your order volume surges is that you get more complaints from customers. If these complaints are delays or damaged goods, you might want to start your search for a new logistics partner. A reliable one would know how to deal with dissatisfied customers because they are improving their operational efficiency when they experience surges. Their solution might be to increase labour, equipment, and capacity.

No storage space

As your business expands, you would need more storage space to meet the increase of orders from your customers. You must already know that storing all your merchandise is expensive, so a logistics company that can offer it to the warehouse would be helpful! Rather than hunt for more storage space, you would benefit more from third-party logistics that has the capacity to store more of your products!

Your team can no longer handle it

To keep up with your increased orders, you might be thinking of hiring more in-house logistics staff. However, you must know how much time that would take. Imagine the time that you search, interview, and train new logistics staff.

You could have used this time to keep your operations running smoothly. Relieve your employees from this responsibility and let the experts of transport services get the right people for the job for you. They know how to hire competent staff who can meet the demands of your business through and through!


Are you looking for a new freight forwarding service you can trust in Malaysia? Give Hock Cheong Logistics a call! They are a reliable service provider that can provide the visibility, analytics, and operational efficiencies needed to optimize the amount of inventory in your warehouses.

Even being one of the oldest firms in Malaysia, you can trust that they can keep up with the times. How? They are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations to aid their customers in getting the satisfaction they expect from a delivery service. As for businesses, you can get logistics and supply chain solutions that are flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient!

If you want to know how you can get them as your logistics provider, you can contact them on their website today!

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