For some people, walking is suitable, particularly for those who are overweight, osteoporosis, or osteoarticular frailty. In other cases, it can be tedious. In this case, to create an immediate taste, it is recommended to start with the race, slowly, with short breaks, as rest is decisive.

What Are The Main Recommendations For Those Who Are Going To Start Running?

If the person has risk factors (for example, a man over 45 or a woman over 55, overweight and/or signs of hypertension), he or she should undergo medical examinations and, in some cases, for example of low back pain, do exercises that allow you to strengthen the muscle structure. The choice of flooring is also important. They are to be avoided, more aggressive from a muscular point of view, but if they are unavoidable, they are an option for walking.

Is It Worth Investing In More Expensive Sneakers?

To initiates, it is recommended that you spend little time and money. Initially, sneakers can be cheap as long as they are comfortable. Regarding clothing, it must allow for a good perspiration. Cotton is more suitable than synthetic fibers. Walking or exercising with waterproofs to increase sweating is a mistake, because this is the body’s way of regulating the temperature and, when we use something that makes breathing difficult, we are going against its natural regulatory mechanisms.

Who Is Starting Can Train Every Day?

The best thing is to have at least one day between workouts. For the first two to three weeks, we can run two days a week. Then, very quickly, we can go to three days and keep this pace for a long time and then gradually increase it.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Train?

If it is a low-intensity, maintenance-paced race, the end of the afternoon is the most advisable period. At this point, there is an increase in the parasympathetic component of the nervous system that helps us relax for the night. If it is a race with series, climbs and more intense activities, the end of the afternoon is the least indicated period.

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