Take any product you bought from a store, whether a cup of noodles or a box of cereals and inspect the packaging. Did you notice a weird set of black strips with corresponding digits below it on the packaging? It is called a barcode, and only a barcode scanner, like a Zebra scanner in Singapore, can read, interpret, or make sense of these random stripes.

Barcodes are a set of black stripes with different thicknesses and heights and white spaces in between. There are also numbers below the numbers.

The stripes and numbers are not random. Each stripe represents a number from 0 to 1 based on its thickness. On the other hand, it signifies numbers from 0 to 9.

The unique combination of bars and numbers becomes the ID of each product. Computers read and decode the combination to access the information about the item.

So instead of encoding the product information on a computer or Rugged tablet manually, all you have to do is scan the barcode using a Zebra scanner in Singapore to validate and check the product’s data.

It is no wonder why businesses use barcodes and barcode scanners in their operations. It speeds up the inventory checking, checkout process, and authentication of the products.

Businesses must find the perfect barcode scanners and printers. Read this article to learn how to choose barcode printers and scanners.

How To Choose The Right Zebra Printer In Singapore

You cannot buy a barcode scanner without purchasing a barcode printer first. Here’s how to find the right barcode printer.

1. Types of printer

There are different types of printers. These are desktop, industrial, mobile, and specialised.

●    Desktop

Desktop printers are compact barcode printers that can print more or less 500 labels per day. This printer is connected to a desktop computer and could be wired or wireless. They are perfect for retail and office use.

●    Industrial

An industrial barcode printer is meant for printing a large volume of labels with varying sizes. They can print up to 5,000 labels a day. TheZebra industrial barcode printer in Singaporeis tough, durable, and heavy-duty.

Industrial barcode printers are perfect for factories and warehouses.

●    Mobile

If desktop barcode printers are small, mobile barcode printers are more compact. They are portable and usually handheld or hooked around the hips, enabling employees to print labels whilst on the go. Mobile barcode printers are battery operated and communicate through Bluetooth.

However, mobile barcode printers can only print small labels.

●    Specialised

More than labels, specialised barcode printers can print wristbands and admission tickets.

You can look for a specialized Zebra printer in Singapore.

2. Printing methods

There are four basic types of barcode printing methods. These are inkjet, dot matrix, laser, and thermal.

●    Inkjet

Inkjet is just like your regular office or school printers. Unlike other barcode printers, inkjet printers don’t need adhesion materials but may require high-quality paper where the ink won’t bleed. Otherwise, your Zebra scanner in Singapore may not be able to read the label.

Inkjet is perfect for the high production of labels.

●    Dot-matrix

Dot-matrix printing result is low-resolution, and the label itself is not durable and can be distorted easily. Dot-matrix printers are not for large volume and high-speed production.

However, they have the lowest printing method cost.

●    Laser

The laser printing method can be used on paper or adhesive materials. Its printing outcome is clear, sharp, and easy to read for aZebra scanner in Singapore. The labels are durable and not easily distorted.

Laser printers are perfect for high-speed and large production.

●    Thermal

AZebra printer in Singaporehas two thermal technologies: direct thermal and thermal transfer.

Direct thermal

Instead of ink, direct thermal printing technology uses heat-sensitive barcode labels to print images. This barcode label blackens when it passes through the thermal printhead.

Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer uses heat to transfer the ink and print images on the material. They can use different mediums, from paper to polyester.

3. Duty cycle and speed requirements

Determine the average volume of labels you need to print in a day to determine which kind of printer you need.

If you need to print 1,000 labels, a desktop or mobile Zebra printer in Singapore is not suitable. Instead, choose the industrial printer. That way, you can meet your target efficiently.

4. Budget

Each type of printer and printing method has a varying price. Consider appropriating your budget to the kind of printer you need.


How To Choose A Zebra Scanner In Singapore

Now that you have chosen yourZebra printer in Singapore, it is time to pick a scanner.

1. Types of scanner

Like barcode printers, there are different types of scanners as well.

●    Portable scanner

Portable scanners are handheld, sometimes worn or mounted. They are battery-operated barcode scanners.

●    Fixed scanner

Fixed scanners are situated in one place. It is the scanners you can find in stores and supermarkets.

●    Laser scanner

Unlike a normalZebra scanner in Singapore, a laser scanner can read labels 30 feet away. It can be handheld or stationary.

2. Durability

If you are using handheld scanners, you must choose the durable ones. They are prone to numerous environmental changes, dirt, and moisture that could affect their scanning capability.

3. Uses

Warehouses typically use handheld laser scanners, whilst retail stores and supermarkets use a fixed or in-counter Zebra scanner in Singapore.

Each type of scanner has advantages depending on how it will be used.

4. Light condition

Although most scanners can be adjusted depending on the light condition and environment of your business or your warehouse, it is vital to learn how these scanners work in different light conditions.

Can they still scan or be able to read barcodes? Are the readings accurate? Consider these factors when choosing a Zebra scanner in Singapore.


The journey to choosing the appropriateZebra printer and scanner in Singapore is complex and daunting. The key is to assess your needs, application, environmental conditions, and budget when shopping.

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