Digestion is an essential function of your body. You have to digest regularly to have a healthy bodily function. Unfortunately, you can develop gallbladder, acid peptic disease, constipation, gallstones, and other abdominal pains or conditions without a healthy digestive system. There are many negative health implications if you don’t take care of your digestive health. 

As a result, you’ll need to undergo gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery or piles treatment in Singapore. However, before you try these treatments, you need to learn more about digestive health and maintaining it. With this, you can ensure that you will have a digestive system that is active and healthy. Read further to know more about your digestive system. 

The Importance of Digestive System 

Digestion is essential for breaking down the energy from the food you consume. Hence, your body uses it as energy, cell repair and growth. The foods and drinks will transform into smaller particles. After that, it will be absorbed by the blood. After that, it will carry them throughout your body into vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and protein. 

The digestive system has six processes: ingestion, propulsion, mechanical breakdown, chemical digestion, absorption, and elimination. In this step, the food will go under a procedure from chewing to breaking down the particles. The indigestible particles are also called ‘waste.’ 

When something disrupts the system, there are chances that you will need gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery, piles treatment and gastroscopy. Therefore, you need a clean digestive system. 

A Clean Digestive System  

As you can see, minor medical complications can have an impact on your daily life. Can you imagine while going to work and you feel pain in your stomach? How can you concentrate on your work? Unfortunately, it will affect your productivity and job performance. And if you give a poor job performance, there are chances that you will feel anxious and pressured. 

Of course, you need to have a healthy digestive system to function well in your job and daily life. With this, you can achieve more things and improve your overall well being. With a clean digestive system, you will experience these things. 

  • Increase energy
  • Remove toxins
  • Helps weight loss
  • Improve liver function and mood
  • Prevent diseases

For sure, you wouldn’t want to undergo any surgeries like gallbladder surgery, piles treatment or gastroscopy. It will disrupt your daily life routine, which means it will force you to leave your job. 

If you don’t want a disruption in your schedule, you should know how to maintain your digestive system. This way, you will avoid surgeries like gallstones surgery or gallbladder surgery.  Also, you can save more money by preventing such diseases. Hence, read further to know the tips on how to take care of your digestive system.  


Maintaining Your Digestive System

Your lifestyle influences your overall health and wellbeing, which includes your digestive system. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures you can do. However, some people are practisingunhealthy eating habits that may promote a destructive lifestyle. Consequently, it can develop into a condition that needs surgeries like gallbladder surgery or piles treatments. Well, read this section to know how to maintain your digestive system. 


Eat High-fibre Foods 

To maintain your digestive system, you should head over to the grocery store and buy foods rich in high fibre. High-fibre foods can keep the normal process of your digestion by preventing constipation and maintaining weight. Also, a high-fibre diet can treat or prevent these conditions: diverticulosis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and haemorrhoids. So, these are foods with high-fibre:

  • Barley
  • Oatmeal
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Fruits ( apples, berries, citrus fruits, and pears.)
  • Vegetables

Do not forget to put those foods in your cart while shopping for your groceries! Well, high-fibre foods can also help with your gallbladder surgery or gallstones surgery. Foods with high fibre decrease the cholesterol saturation of bile found in gallstones. With this, you should invest in a healthy diet plan for the maintenance of your digestive system.

Choose Lean Meats 

You need protein for your healthy diet, so you need to add lean meats to your meals. This way, it can help your digestion to run smoothly. Therefore, you need to avoid fatty cuts that promote unhealthy digestion. Instead, add lean cuts of meat, skinless poultry or pork loin to your diet. Hence, see the benefits of eating lean meat. 

  • You have more energy
  • Meals with low cholesterol
  • You consume more proteins
  • Good for your blood

When you choose lean meats, it can also contribute to your piles treatment because it does not aggravate your haemorrhoids. Lean meats are also safe to eat when you are suffering from gallstones or gallbladder. This way, you can avoid undergoing gallbladder or gallstones surgery that may disrupt your daily life routine. 

Soluble and Insoluble Fibre 

Of course, you need to balance the foods you are consuming. When you go to a grocery store, you need to look for soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre helps your body to prevent stools that are too liquid. On the other hand, you cannot digest insoluble fibre, which means it bulks up your faecal matter. Hence, balance your food intake to have better digestion. 

To help you, here are some of the insoluble fibre foods, including whole-wheat flour, wheat bran, nuts, beans, potatoes, green beans and cauliflower. If you are looking for soluble fibre foods, look for citrus fruits, apples, strawberries and bananas. Your effort to maintain your digestive system may help you avoid undergoing gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery, and gastroscopy. 

Schedule Your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

In your busy schedule, there are times when you forget to eat at the right time. Sometimes, you feel pressure to finish a deadline or assignments that compromise your eating schedule. Dieticians say that you need to schedule your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the same time every day. It allows you to have proper digestion by keeping your metabolism running. 

If you do not eat at consistent times, you will develop indigestion and bloating. You will avoid gallbladder problems or haemorrhoids with a consistent eating schedule. Also, buy healthy snacks and drink water to hydrate your body. With this, you can prevent going to gallstones or gallbladder surgery. 

Prevent Stress 

With your current schedule, you feel stress every day. However, do not allow negative emotions to thrive in your life. You need to find stress-relieving activities that can help your overall emotional and mental. When you find a stress-relieving activity, you should practice it every day. If you do not manage your stress, it will affect your digestive system. 

You can choose exercise as a form of stress management. Regular exercise will keep the food moving in your digestive system, which means it avoids constipation. See, a simple effort can help prevent illnesses that need gastroscopy procedure.

Go to a Doctor 

Most importantly, have a regular check-up with your gastroenterology or digestive system doctor. With this, you will know what habits you should avoid for your health. For sure, your doctor will not allow bad habits, including drink liquor, smoke or consume unhealthy foods. With a regular check-up, you will get these benefits. 

  • Reduce the risk of getting sick
  • Identify diseases
  • More aware of your health
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Practice health habits 

Now, you should start maintaining your digestive health with the tips above. However, you have to find the best doctor for your digestive system too. Fortunately, the next section will show you how to look for the best doctor that can administer gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery, or piles treatment professionally. 


Looking for the Best Digestive System Doctor

Maintaining your digestive system may need your effort and determination. However, sometimes it is okay to ask for a helping hand with the best digestive system doctors in Singapore. They are also known as gastroenterologists and endoscopists. This way, you will ensure that they will give safe and effective treatments or surgeries. For your successful gallbladder surgery, piles treatment, or gastroscopy, follow the tips below to find your doctor. 


Know the Credentials

The first thing you need to look for is a board-certified digestive system doctor or gastroenterologist. Board certification will show that the doctor has the necessary training and educational background for his/her profession. This way, you will be sure that the doctor will provide safe surgeries like gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery or gastroscopy. 

Of course, you need to ask for the experience of your doctor. Ask the doctor how many patients he/she treated. With this, you can know that the results will be desirable. Also, you need to look for the disciplinary record. For this reason, you can see if they are using their profession with integrity. 

Consider the Gender 

It is essential for you to feel comfortable with your doctor. Hence, find a doctor that will make you feel at ease. Remember you have to share personal information with him/her. Plus, you have to take off your clothes for a thorough examination. Also, digestive health issues are different between men and women. So, there are doctors that focus on men’s health, while some on women’s health.

With this, your doctor will give a more personalised and effective treatment because of a more suitable doctor for your condition. 

Check the Facilities of the Doctor’s Clinic

The facilities of your doctor’s clinic will show if they prioritise the wellbeing of their patients. They should provide state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment and procedures. As a result, the surgeries like gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery, and piles treatment will become more successful. You can also expect that there would be fewer complications and higher recovery chances. 

After this, you should consider the location of your clinic. Keep in mind that you will need to go to the clinic more than once. Hence, find a clinic that is close to your home because it will be easier to go back and forth. Always remember that the clinic is a reflection of their qualifications and reliability. 

Observe Their Communication Skills

When you first meet your doctor, you should observe how they respond to your questions. Does the doctor listen to your questions? Was he/she interested in your story? Or Was he or she interrupting you while speaking? Consider these questions because you must prioritise your comfortability with the doctor.

After all, your doctor will administer your surgeries, including gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery or gastroscopy. Hence, feel comfortable telling your feelings and concerns. Nevertheless, consider your doctor as a friend so you can share medical problems with him/her. 

Read Testimonials and Referrals

The most convenient way to learn about the service of your doctor is to read testimonials. In these testimonials, the patients usually consider the waiting period, clinic environment, doctor service, and staff friendliness. See, reading testimonials will give you an insight into the clinic. So, before you book your appointment, you should read reviews to save you time and money.

Better yet, get a referral from your friends, family or family doctor. It will help narrow down your list for your doctor recommendation. For this reason, you can find the best digestive system doctor. Also known as gastroenterologists and endoscopists for your health condition. Also, remember that you need to meet and interview the doctor before booking an appointment. 


Living with a Healthy Digestive System

Just like in life, you need a system to let go of negative energy and emotions in your life. Let go of unnecessary stuff that makes you feel unmotivated, uninspired and unhealthy. All of this happens with your will and control. However, do you know that your body does it for you? Yes, your body has a digestive system that purges toxins, dirt and other particles that your body does not need. So, give back to your body with the best care in the best clinic in Singapore.

Give back to your body by having a regular check-up at Dr QM Leong in Singapore. They will help you recover from your health conditions by their safety procedures and surgeries. The clinic has services from gallbladder surgery, gallstones surgery, piles treatment and gastroscopy. You have to talk with the doctors in the clinic to start living with a healthy digestive system. 

Visit their website to have your regular check-up to make your stomach happy! 

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