Ending a relationship is always challenging for everyone. Breaking up with someone is an emotional endeavour, especially if you are leaving a person that shared victories and losses with you. But no matter how you put it, cutting off your ties with a loved one is never easy. You cannot avoid the pain and sadness when ending a relationship with someone, especially if you plan to file for divorce with the help of a family lawyer in Singapore to separate from them for good.

People file for divorce for various reasons. Most of the time, couples choose to end their marriage due to conflicts they cannot resolve through open and calm communication. Meanwhile, some individuals want to dissolve their legal relationship with their spouses because of third-party involvement. Others even opt to separate because they fell out of love and lost interest in each other. For these individuals, ending their marriage and undergoing divorce mediation in Singapore would be better for their emotional and mental wellness than staying in a relationship that no longer works.


If you finally decide to dissolve your marriage with your partner, you should keep a few things in mind. Learn about the legal process you and your spouse should go through to terminate the relationship. Moreover, understand the only ground for divorce that the family justice court approves of—the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. You and your divorce lawyer in Singapore can prove your relationship’s failure through various facts, namely adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, and separation.

While you can file for divorce without seeking assistance from an attorney, having a lawyer as you undergo perhaps one of the most exhausting and overwhelming moments in your life will keep you from reaching your breaking point. They will also handle the legalities of your separation so you can focus on looking after yourself during this legal process. However, you will need to learn how to work with your divorce lawyer to make the most of their services and reap the perks they offer.


Tips For Working With Your Divorce And Family Lawyer

Believe it or not, the success of your marriage dissolution depends on your relationship with your family lawyer in Singapore. If you know how to work harmoniously with them, they will better understand your needs and see what they can do to address them through their legal knowledge and expertise. Building a positive relationship with your attorney will also ensure that you will encounter as few mishaps as possible that will keep you from feeling more stressed about your separation.

To help you work with your divorce lawyer, here are a few tips to follow:

A.  Schedule Your Consultations

Whether you plan to work with defamation or divorce lawyers in Singapore, always schedule your consultations with these professionals. Treat them like doctors who will dedicate uninterrupted time for you to assist you with your plea to dissolve your marriage. You could drop by their office on an agreed-upon day and time or invite them to your home for a more comfortable and private conversation.

As much as possible, avoid visiting your attorney at their office without setting an appointment or contacting them outside their working hours—unless you plan to give them an update on your situation with your spouse. Even the best divorce lawyer in Singapore may not agree to discuss with you if you do not book a consultation since they might be busy with other work or personal responsibilities.

B.  Answer Questions As Honestly As Possible

Like the top criminal lawyer in Singapore, your divorce attorney will ask various questions to understand your situation and see how their knowledge and skills could benefit you. They will want to know why you want to get divorced, the causes of your conflict, and what you expect from the legal procedure.

No matter how embarrassing or unpleasant your answers may be, your divorce lawyer will want to hear about them since your responses will allow them to represent you effectively in court when needed. Your honest answers will also help your attorney convince the family justice court to grant your request for divorce and settle your differences with your spouse.

C. Set Clear Goals And Communicate Them

When filing for divorce, you will most likely have other goals you wish to attain during the legal process. You may want to obtain specific property rights, acquire definite assets, get custody of your children, obtain visitation rights, or have fair child support terms. Whatever your objectives are, communicate them to your family lawyer to help them understand what they can do to help you attain them.

If your goals seem unrealistic, the best divorce lawyer will try to talk to you about toning them down to make them more attainable. They will help you create different goals and establish fair and equitable terms with your spouse to resolve your conflict and prevent new disputes.

D. Know What Your Lawyer Can And Cannot Do

Divorce, defamation, and criminal lawyers have different duties and responsibilities. They may provide legal assistance but cannot handle cases outside of their expertise. If your separation is more complicated than a marriage dissolution and you are planning to file other lawsuits against your partner, hiring a divorce attorney may not be enough for your needs.

Moreover, your divorce lawyer is not a therapist. They will be more than happy to support you during your separation from your spouse—but their services do not replace the benefits of undergoing therapy with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. You might consider engaging a therapist from A Kind Place for marriage counselling to support you in resolving conflicts with your spouse.

Hire A Divorce And Family Lawyer Today!

No matter how knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable your divorce lawyer is, you cannot solely rely on their services to ensure the success of your marriage dissolution. Learn how to become the ideal client who maintains professionalism and composure by scheduling consultations, honestly telling their side of the story, setting realistic goals and expectations, and understanding what their attorney can and cannot do for them.

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