Security is one of the primary necessities in the modern world. It may be physical security that you can provide for yourself using locks, sensors, and other equipment. However, have you ever wondered if your device and all other electronic equipment is really safe out there? According to information security, privacy is identified as one of the primary features that must be ensured in security. This applies to all of the electronic devices we use. Have you ever been frustrated without being able to lock the most used apps on your phone that also require an excessive amount of security?

For example, apps such as WhatsApp, messenger, and SMS require privacy as many of our private conversations are stored on them and we would not like anyone getting access to those chats. Furthermore, our gallery is one of the most private apps on our devices and needs security at its utmost. Apart from security, we also must take a good look at talking care of our devices. They need to be junk-free, and well maintained. However, how can all of these be performed all-in-one! Well, you got nothing to worry about now because the iAppLock app will allow you to make the most of your device in one single platform at absolute ease!

About iAppLock App

The app acts as a lock that will help secure your privacy by locking away all apps of your choice and also comes with a Virus and Notification cleaner, CPU Cooler, Memory Booster, Junk cleaner, Battery saver, and many other interesting features. All of these are dedicated to helping you make the best experience of your smart devices at ease and much more conveniently.

The AppLock feature will allow you to add a password, pattern, or fingerprint to lock your apps and stop people from snooping around. You can also have a private gallery where you will store all of your locked videos and images so that they are absolutely private and can only be seen by you. The notification cleaner will get rid of all the unnecessary notifications that pester you.

The message security will also be ensured by the app by encrypting our messages and keeping them safe and sound. You can also protect your device using the virus cleaner feature that will keep all threats and malware away from your devices. The memory booster will also help you speed up your device so you would not have to experience any lag ever again. the battery saver will also help you keep your battery at good levels without having to constantly charge your device. The CPU cooler will prevent your device from turning into a furnace by putting to sleep and killing all background tasks that make your phone heat.

All of these features can be used by simply installing the iAppLock app onto your android device for absolutely free! All it takes is a few taps on the app to make your device feel as good as new once again!

Download iAppLock APK

This is mainly focus on Phone security by locking sensitive apps. There are alternatives like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner and AVG Cleaner. Those tools will provide this feature with other optimization features like Junk cleaning, storage clean, gallery clean, RAM Cleaner, CPU cooler and more. You can download NOX cleaner app and AVG Cleaner from play store. Clean Master apk available on AC Market and HappyMod. AC Market and HappyMod is also like play store without any limitation and restriction. You can download and install any app on AC Market app store for free.

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