A lift contractor in Singapore promises impeccable services to clients, offers the latest and most advanced products, and most importantly, adheres to regulations and standards that help them achieve the most. However, unforeseen circumstances pose problems, such as factory defects and other situations beyond our control. Here are some tips to help you deal with issues:

  1. If you experience issues with the equipment, like the platform lift in Singapore stopping and showing signs of damage or anything regarding your operation, halt these machines because you would not want to risk people’s lives. You also prepare the necessary troubleshooting techniques and other steps.
  2. Contact the lift company in Singapore to communicate your problems. First, do not talk to them in a hostile tone because it is not their fault, and they might be hiring customer service representatives that cannot control things because they only bridge people and the business.
  3. Instead, lay out all of your concerns by using friendly and simple language. For instance, if your traction lift has noisy bearings and other issues with the motor, explain these things to them. Also, sending pictures would help them know what type of problem they will solve.
  4. Avoid taking matters into your own hands if unsure of which steps to take. Why? There are consequences to this. First, you might unknowingly damage the equipment due to mishandling some of the components. Another would be, for example, not knowing the basic care techniques for a traction lift, and it is better for you to contact a professional immediately.
  5. Lastly, trust the lift contractor and try to ask for the compensation you deserve. However, know your limits as a client and never show an attitude of entitlement because there is no time and place for that.

Lift Works is a lift company in Singapore that adheres to standards to avoid issues. However, they will help clients during these situations, and you can expect them to deliver. Contact LiftWorks for more information


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