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Being the capital city of Indonesia, the sprawling metropolitan city of Jakarta is the center of government in addition to financial and business activities in Indonesia. Furthermore, the city has its own distinct tourism attractions that continue to attract many domestic and international visitors to research her enticing splendors. Confirming its growing charms, Jakarta was named one of the top ten fastest growing tourism businesses on the planet according to studies made by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) 2017.

Even though Jakarta is the country’s most crucial entrance gate for international traffic to Indonesia, the town is, in reality, that the 2nd largest only after Bali in terms of tourist arrivals volume. But being the capital city, Jakarta provides the most comprehensive facilities such as accessibility and amenities. “Here, one can enjoy a town tour, go shopping to many malls around the city, enjoy delectable cuisine, attend MICE events, and take part in sport tourism competitions” added Minister Arief Yahya.

Presently, the capital city Governor, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, has empowered The Thousand Islands and the Old Batavia Heritage Complex as one of Indonesia’s top priority destinations to be immediately developed. These can be complemented with marine arts and heritage sites facilities and development to raise the attractiveness of Jakarta.

Based on WTTC’s report, now Asia dominates the top 10 fastest growing tourism businesses in the world, starting with Chongqing (with 14% growth annually), Guangzhou (13.1% growth per year), and Shanghai (12.8% growth per year). China dominates the top three of this list since their domestic economy is robust.

Other cities on the list include: Beijing (+12%), Chengdu (+11.2%), Manila in the Philippines (+10.9%), Delhi, India (+10.8%), Shenzhen in China (+10.7%), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (+10.1%), and Jakarta, Indonesia (+10%).

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Keyword: Jakarta is the center of government in addition to financial and business activities in Indonesia

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