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Embrace organic beauty. Forget your home for a while, enjoy the cold fresh air and the petrichor emanating from the rain.

Located north of the magnificent Town of Bandung, Lembang is a perfect getaway destination for nature lovers from the hustle and bustle of a city. Lembang highland is bestowed with picturesque sceneries, scenic tea plantations, and a pleasant change of cold weather out of humid heat.

Mountainous adventure and fresh air would be the charms of Lembang, a favorite sojourn place among the urban population. Several destinations here ought to be at the top of your listing, such as Lodge Maribaya which boasts natural adventures and waterfalls; the Instagrammable Keraton Cliff, one of the best photo spots; along with the legendary Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, fantastic with its natural scenery and mesmerizing craters.

Lembang is also a great website to Enjoy your family vacation. Visiting Farmhouse Lembang or De’Ranch is essential if you’re with kids. Stop by the Hobbit house in Farmhouse or go horseback riding in De’Ranch, both are lovely family-friendly attractions. You need something different? Stargazing at Bosscha Observatory offers a more educational kind of vacation.

Compared to Bandung, where you Can discover modern mall and shopping facilities, Lembang is much better known for its culinary destinations.

People today say that green is a fantastic color to relieve stress. It is possible to visit these plantations and pick your own fresh crops or buy them from local farmers. These areas are best when you need to get nearer to nature.

Since Lembang is very close to Bandung, it’s easy to find transport to get around and revel in the beauty of its own tourism hotspots. Taking a road trip allows you to sightsee without worrying about anything. If you want more liberty, exploring Lembang by yourself using public transportation is entirely possible. You can look for taxis or use any online transportation app.

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