So, what’s the ideal time to see Lombok? The solution depends on seasons, weather, and occasions, to mention a couple. Here we start looking into all these items so you can decide what works best for you.

Lombok Weather and Climate

Lombok’s weather is lovely throughout the year because it’s a tropical climate. Although it includes two seasons – wet and wet, Lombok’s rainy season is much drier than Bali’s. The Wet Season usually lasts from October through April. Concerning the weather, the most popular time to visit Lombok is unquestionably the Dry Season. Nevertheless, the rainy season is not as humid, and rain isn’t overly high, making this a close second in an overlooked original event. Weather-wise, this is an excellent time to go to Lombok. Nonetheless, it appears as if Lombok’s weather is fantastic all year round.

Peak and Off-Peak Seasons

Peak Season for Lombok: During the Dry Season (May to September) and around Christmas and New year (December/January). This contrasts with the drier weather and end of year vacation break. Lombok is generally less busy than particular areas in Bali.

Traveling to Lombok during off-peak season (mostly the wet season with the exclusion of December/January) must be thought to be the damp year in Lombok is much drier than its neighbor Bali. Having said this, if you are thinking of doing a stride, then the dry season remains best as there is less prospect of rainfall.


Lombok Events

Another factor to remember when deciding upon the best time to see Lombok is Lombok festivals or events. Some events can interest you, along with some events that may limit what you could do. Here are some events that happen in Lombok, although the dates may change each year. 

  1. Bau Nyale Festival (usually in February or March)

This is a ‘capturing sea worms’ festival, which happens annually. It draws the audiences at Seger Beach, Kuta, where people camp out immediately and join into the standard rituals, art performances, and ship races.

      2. Ogoh Ogoh Parade (usually in March or April)

This event occurs the day before Nyepi evening (Hindu New Year) and happens in Mataram and west Lombok. Here they’ve Ogoh Ogoh Statues in a parade.   

    3. Nyepi Day (usually in March or April)

Because of this, Bali airport and other transportation services are shut so that you will not have the ability to get to or from Lombok this afternoon. However, Nyepi Day remains an occasion in Lombok, the island functions as ordinary.

     4. Gendang Beleq Festival (usually in April)

This is a festival that features locals dancing, followed by drums and bright clothing. It’s a unique cultural activity of Lombok.       

    5. Senggigi Festival (usually in July)

Several day parties of Lombok culture and art, to market Lombok tourism. A terrific way to see culture from around Lombok in one area and a fun event with parades and contests.

    6. Perang Topat (usually in November or December)

That is a rice cake war celebrated by both Hindu’s and Muslims at the Pura Lingsar Temple in West Lombok. People come together to offer fruit, cakes, rice, etc. to give thanks to their plants. Following this, there’s excellent natured warfare of rice throwing to celebrate the harmony between Lombok individuals.

So, what’s the ideal time to visit Lombok? Lombok is a beautiful destination all year round, depending on which kind of Lombok holiday you want. Before you plan a visit to Lombok Island, be sure to read about Lombok and Indonesia by visit Wonderful Indonesia.

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