When you’re heading out on a date, you want to make it a memorable occasion that you can both look back on with nostalgia. With London, there is no limit to the type of things you can do. You’ll be spoilt for choice, but these are some things to consider for making your date night perfect.

A Nice Night In

Sometimes, your own company is what makes a good date. But to raise the bar for home entertainment, stay the night in London at some beautiful serviced apartments. Even if you’re taking your date across the entirety of London, these apartments will be perfect for either setting the scene or bringing the evening to a close.

Outdoor Cinema

Many couples have bonded over watching a movie. But you can take it a step further with an outdoor cinema. But rather than have a cinema ceiling above your heads, you could have a starry night sky added to the spectacle. Whether you want to see a pulse-pounding thriller or a heartwarming comedy, you’ll never be able to experience a film the same way after visiting one of London’s incredible outdoor cinemas, including Rooftop Film Club or Pop-Up Screens.

Cocktails on a Rooftop Bar

Sometimes people are content to sit down and chat over a drink. But who’s to say you can’t be flashy about it? Take your date to one of London’s exquisite cocktail bars where you can combine good conversation, fine drinks and sightseeing all in one. Time it right and you’ll both be witness to a glorious sun setting over a glorious city.

A Picnic in the Park

London is home to some beautiful parks. Whether you fancy Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, take a leisurely stroll through one of these parks and once you’ve reached the end of your fairytale stroll, find a nice patch of grass or a nice patch of shade and unpack a lovely picnic with all of your favourite foods. There are many ways to one’s heart with food being a top favourite.

Enjoy the Festivals

If you want to make the date more memorable, you could take your scheduling to another level and make sure that your perfect date coincides with one of London’s great festivals. It gives you the chance to sample the best in music and kept swept up in a sea of vibrancy.

Enjoy the Culture

There is a lot of culture growing out of London, especially in the artistic sector. Take your date to an exhibition at the iconic Tate Modern or maybe take in some alternative art, such as a manga exhibition or a late-night festival from up-and-coming artists who could one day go on to become the next Picasso.

A first date is all about first impressions. And if it is to be the start of a blossoming relationship, then what better way to kickstart it than a romantic tour through one of the greatest cities in the world.

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