In the past, we will wait for the Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas parties to flaunt our costumes and dresses. Then, the backyard, summer, kitty, and BBQ parties began to happen. In the present moment, we just need to organize an event to dress up, party, dance, and drink. There are all kinds of parties around our community that we can attend. 

For the past months, you might receive an invitation to parties and you don’t have an idea on what to wear in these parties. In this article, you will learn ideas on how to rock every party invite that you receive. 

90’s Themed Celebration 

If you study closely the 90s fashion trend, you will find that it’s all about the dungarees, big hoops, plaid shirts, mommy pants, round glasses, chokers, and crop tops. If you are invited to a party with a 90s theme, this is usually what you should wear. Just combine these outfits and you are good to go. 

Most of the outfits mentioned are making a comeback today, thus, you can already find some of it at your wardrobe. Just dress up, attend the party, and groove to the rhythm of the rock music. 

Christmas Party 

When Christmas is around the corner, you can receive invites from friends and relatives. It’s the perfect time of the year where we party, unwind and forget about the stress you experienced for the whole year. Thus, it is okay to go out with your best. You can try red, blue, and black dresses from JJ’s House. Today, you can also try pantsuits, monochromes, or matching separates. Accessorize the occasion dresses with jewelry to complete the overall look. 

House Party 

If you are searching for house party outfit ideas, it means that the party is indoors. For sure, there will be charades, beer pong, and other awesome activities. Unless there is a particular theme for the party, you can wear anything from JJ’s House. You can try a shirt, leather pants, or a maxi dress. Since it is an indoor setup, you can put a slight makeup on your face. However, try putting on one lipstick or accessory that will pop your overall look. 

Masquerade Party 

Do you wish to attend a masquerade ball or party? A masquerade ball is a serious event and you must have an idea of what are the possible things that might happen. Next, choose the mask that will go well for the party. The occasion dresses can either be the same or contrasting color with your mask. You can try a corset, pencil skirts, A-line dress, formal top, or others. 

See to it that you wear heels because this will help you look elegant and create an awesome overall look. Don’t wear too many colors because this can end you looking gaudy and loud. 

Cocktail Party 

For cocktail parties, you are expected to look formal. A-line dresses are best plus anything long is good. You can also try sleek trousers, palazzo sets, and pantsuits. 


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