But nowadays, being a true professional – a great speaker – requires more than just learning how to control your “umm’s” and “uhh’s”.

We all generally get nervous even at small gatherings and when asked to speak for them.  It may only last 15 minutes, but it’s painful.  We get nervous.  We constantly turn around to see the next bullet point that flashes up on the screen from their PowerPoint presentation. Our lack of confidence and preparation seem contradictory to their list of accomplishments they touted on their first slide; the one they designed to establish their credibility (which by the way, is possibly one of the worst ways to begin your presentation – you’ll find out why inside the Professional Speaker Certification program).  Whatever curiosity you had about their company is replaced with boredom and checking your messages, scrolling through your Facebook feed, and checking your emails.  Anything to make this time more productive.

By the end of your speech, people may compliment you saying a great job but deep inside they might not even know what you exactly spoke about. So making the audience connect to you another important aspect to focus on. Well, this is how most business presentations go. The next time someone smiles and compliments your speech saying, “Great job!” it’s a red flag.  It’s a sign that most likely, they are trying to say the polite thing, to get them out of having to have a conversation with you about what you just presented.  Not because they couldn’t benefit, but because you didn’t create the curiosity you needed in order to get the sale.

So this Professional Speaker Certification program is all about showing you how to deliver a presentation that gets the sale.

  • Know the joy of having the stage to share your message and help thousands of people while earning a living. You will leave a lasting impact.
  • As a professional speaker people will regard you even more.
  • a proper presentation delivery will give more power to you with respect in the eyes of others.
  • You will have the business building skills most importantly confidence to ensure that when you do get the chance to speak publicly, you earn the maximum compensation.
  • Say goodbye to the dullness of a corporate cubicle and a 9 to 5 job. Run and use your professional speaking skills to grow your business online, from your home, or anywhere else in the world.
  • After all, the excitement of a live audience hanging on to your every word. And it brings joys to have stated our point to the audience.
  • The more we speak confidently, the more opportunities we will get to accept same-day engagements and deliver a stellar presentation at a short notices.
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