Earrings are must to wear accessory for every women. The prime reason for wearing exclusive jewelleries is to enhance the beauty of the wearer. The earrings even enhance the fashion statement of the attire.

While choosing the right suitable earring women often prefer to wear pearl earrings.

The reasons to choose pearl earrings are:

  • Pearls are versatile to complement with any stylish dress, even goes well with casual daily attire.
  • They are available in varied range beautifully designed and moreover isn’t pricey like diamond earrings.
  • The pearls quality, its overtone, size and competent to be embedded with all kind of gem stones has made the pearl earring one of the most popular adorned jewellery.

While selecting pearl earrings the prime fact to be considered is whether it is suitable for your face shape. There are numerous kinds of earrings embedded with varied types of charming pearls. Hence, before you embark on choosing the best, know the right way to buy the earrings that suit your face shape.

How to select pearl earrings suitable to your face shape

  • For oval face

Women with oval shape face are quite lucky as they can wear any kind, size or design earrings. The most suitable ones are small pearls set in valuable metal like gold and platinum.

  • For elegant round face shape

No need to wear round shaped earrings instead you can choose long teardrop pearl earrings. It will help visualize your face to be long in shape.

  • Square face shape

You can choose from the assorted pearl earrings designed in round or oval shape. You can buy from any size and even for flower layered pearl earrings.

  • Narrow face females

Don’t go for long earrings or tear drop earrings; instead choose some delicately designed earrings having pearls in the centre. You can go for bigger size pearls that are worn as one studded earring.

  • Heart shaped face

You can have long tear drop earrings and many layered gem stones stud looking elegant on your ears. It is best to not select earrings in round or disc shape.

Have a happy time choosing your favourite trendy pearl earrings that suits your lovely face.

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