When it comes to celebration, people tend to buy a cake and share it with their family and friends. Unfortunately, this kind of tradition is less likely to happen due to our current situation.

With the going pandemic, hosting a party is not an option. Well, you can, but the guests you can invite are limited, which will not be as fun as it used to be. That is why you should try something else.

These days, people celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and other events virtually. All you need to do is order a same day cake delivery in Singapore. You can either get one for yourself alone or also order for your virtual guests. By buying them treats, it would feel like you are celebrating together in person.

If you are interested in celebrating this way, here are the dos and don’ts of ordering a cake online.

What Should You Do When Ordering a Cake Online?


Things are bound to fail if you are not yet ready. The same is true if you go to an online cake shop for the first time. Even if all the cakes posted there seem delicious, you could not be so sure since what you are only seeing are pictures.

That is why you should consider spending your time there. Explore the online cake shop’s website and read the reviews of their past customers. Doing so should help figure out if their cakes are indeed tasty.


To make sure that the cake you are getting is good for you, read its description. There, you would find out what kind of ingredients the baker used. You would also be able to know how many people can eat it if you order that cake.


As you know, cakes are not the only thing available at an online cake shop. They also sell other desserts that can make your party a lot of fun.

To give you an idea, here are other sweets you can get there:

  • Cream puff.
  • Cookies


If you love to eat sweets, chances are baking is your hobby. But even if that is the case, treating yourself once in a while is a good idea. That is why before you order a same day cake delivery in Singapore, get something you have not tried baking at home. Surely that will make your purchase a lot worth it!


Sure, ordering via GrabFood is convenient, but you cannot exactly rely on your concern for the store itself. Plus, there are delivery fees involved if you order your desserts there.

Therefore, try ordering at the actual patisserie instead. There you might be able to avail of free delivery promo if you meet the minimum requirements. In most online cake shops, that would be S$100 to S$150 worth of orders.


While it is satisfyingly delicious to eat cake, doing it every day would make you fat. But kidding aside, ordering a cake online is not healthy for your bank account. Just imagine how delivery fees you need to pay if you do not meet the minimum requirements for free delivery.

That is why you should control yourself. Even if you want to eat cake, only order once in a while. Doing so would make it special and delicious because it has been a while since you ate one.


As much as you want the same day cake delivery to arrive at your doorstep, it would take a while. Remember, the online cake shop cannot make your order magically appear right in front of your eyes. You should know that traffic is there and more customers are ordering before you.

Therefore, be patient and wait until your order arrives.


And while waiting for your birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, you should get yourself ready. Even more, during these unprecedented times when you have to disinfect all the packages you receive.

That is why before your order arrives, prepare the face mask and gloves you need to wear. Make sure you also bring an alcohol spray to sanitise the box.


Of course, since custom cake takes a while to make. Therefore, make sure you order your request at least a week before the celebration.

What Should You Not Do When Ordering a Cake Online?

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/8XRFZQG/3-Don-ts-of-Ordering-a-Cake-Online.png” alt=”3-Don-ts-of-Ordering-a-Cake-Online” border=”0″ />


Rather than buying different types of cake for a simple celebration, get a cupcake or small desserts instead. Not only are they cheaper, but they are more likely to get consumed within that day. Plus, small desserts like creme puff can be a souvenir for those who celebrate the event with you in person.


Even though the cake looks magnificently beautiful, are they good? You cannot be so sure. That is why instead of choosing a cake because of its style, pick one that tastes the best.

If you have no idea which one, you can check the recommendation of the other customers.


When you order a same day cake delivery in Singapore, you should never make the courier wait for you. You should know that they do not have all day and they have other deliveries to make besides you.

In other words, when you order, be there and wait for it to arrive.

Why Ordering a Cake Online Is a Good Idea?


Compared to going there in person to buy a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, you can get one by ordering online. The cake shop can receive your order more clearly since you can add photos and write your requests in detail when you leave a message.

Moreover, if you order a cake online, you are not susceptible to virus transmission. That is why it is a much safer option to get any desserts you are craving. Just be careful receiving the pastries when they arrive at your doorstep.

Get in touch with the best patisserie in Singapore to celebrate your special day with a delicious cake and other sweets.

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