You know which stone is the most suitable for your ring, depending on your taste, meaning and personality. Choosing the right jewel for an engagement ring is not easy, often the decision depends on personal taste, meaning and price. Whatever the choice, the most important thing is what it symbolizes, the love between the couple. The Emerald Moissanite Rings  are the perfectly suited ones.

What stone should an engagement ring is made of after the month of your birth?

According to specialists, the most resistant and suitable stones for an engagement ring are diamond, sapphire and ruby. That is why we tell you the importance of each of these and other gems, so that you know which one you identify with the most.

Diamond: it is probably the most used and preferred by brides. It represents perfection, will, triumph, constancy, and simplicity. Increase physical energy.

The Sapphire: it is the stone of success, truth and wisdom.

Ruby: it is the stone of trust, intelligence, symbolizes descent, brings happiness in love, dispels sadness, and suppresses desire.

Emerald: symbolizes abundance, ensures balance and patience, in addition to affecting health, purifies the mind and eliminates negative forces.

Another great alternative is semi-precious stones, such as

Turquoise: This is the stone of friendship. It should attract money, success, and love.

Amethyst: It is considered a spiritual stone and a protection, but it also attracts positive energy.

Granada: represents fidelity and is intended to symbolize perseverance.

Topaz: symbolizes sincerity and truthfulness. It is associated with courage and overcoming fears. It is to promote trust and loyalty.

Zirconium has been associated for many years with spiritual growth and the promotion of wisdom.

Aquamarine: Its beautiful color brings peace and a lot of love, but also courage and protection.

Opal: Symbolizes hope.

Stone: symbolizes true love. “He loves you, only you.” It symbolizes a two-in-one relationship.

Three stones: It means that each one of them represents the phase of marriage, that is, past commitment, present and future marriage “until death do you part”.

Five stones: symbolize faith, trust, perseverance and constancy in love.

Seven stones: This means: “You will be my faithful wife forever.”

They are terms that are often used synonymously, but they are not. Those of us who are experts in jewelry and have knowledge of gemology do use them in the appropriate way, and we also strive to disseminate the key aspects for a good knowledge of diamonds.

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What is the difference between diamond and brilliant?

To know the difference between a diamond and a brilliant, one must refer to a fundamental aspect: the cut. This is one of the four fundamental parameters that measure the quality of a parameter, along with purity, weight and color. All of them, for their acronym in English, are known as the four “c’s”.

The term “diamond” refers to the precious stone itself, while the term “brilliant” only designates the shape of the cut that is the most appreciated. Even if you don’t know much about diamonds, surely you are familiar with the shape, as this is how it is represented more often in popular culture: round at the top and triangular at the base, ideal to later be inserted into a jewel such as the wedding ring. White gold diamonds or sapphire ring and diamonds have authentic jewels worthy of key moments such as engagement or wedding.

This way of cutting the diamond makes the most of its natural beauty, as it reflects light and gives the interior life. The well-cut 58-sided diamond, which has perfect proportions and symmetry and has been perfectly polished, is brilliant. Other forms also appreciated, however, are princess, marquise, pear or heart, equally worthy of special moments.

Is a brilliant or a diamond more expensive?

A good professional will not give you a categorical answer to this question before evaluating and appraising the piece. A brilliant is a diamond that, has been cut in a specific way. The cut influences the final price, yes, since it directly intervenes in the brilliance and, when it is a transparent diamond the most appreciated, its brilliance is valued.

But a brilliant only meets one of the three parameters to be evaluated, you have to look at the others: how much does it weigh? What is its purity? What exact shade does it have? All this will determine its value, and not just the size.

Are diamonds worth buying?

It depends on the rest of the qualities of the piece, but also on the use that is going to be given to it. If it is personal, if the jewel is going to symbolize a special moment such as commitment, wedding or a family gift that will be passed down for generations, then yes, it is worth it.

If you want to take as an investment and sell the precious stone waiting for its revaluation, then you will have to look at the state of the market and key issues such as taxation, as it will also intervene in profits. Ultimately, the difference between a diamond and a brilliant lies in the cut: a brilliant is a diamond that has been cut in a specific way, which turns out to be the most valued if the execution is correct. Of course, it is not the only factor that will influence its value, since weight, tonality and purity are also decisive.

Gold accessories will give you a touch of class.

The gold is always associated with summer; his tone suggests to us in the sand on the beach and tanned skin. For this reason, gold often looks better with warmer skin tones, and a gold butterfly ring is ideal for this skin tone, as are bronze and copper rings. On the other hand, if your skin is rather cold, a silver butterfly ring or a white gold ring will favor you. The silver is linked more to the fall and winter.

But we cannot limit ourselves here, because beyond the seasons, it is important that you experiment with everything to find the color that suits your skin tone, that enhances your beauty and your shine and, you can even encourage yourself to combine them.

Remember, it is important to know how to choose the time and the occasion to use a ring and, if you want to save on buying a ring with butterflies or another, buying it online is a good option to find the best price and have it delivered directly to your home.

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