Direct mailing is among the most effective albeit traditional marketing methods worldwide, ensuring realtors enjoy optimal investment returns. It enables them to establish direct relationships with potential clientele, opening doors to endless business opportunities.

However, choosing a good agency for the task is essential if you want the campaign to succeed. You can consider industry experts like Wise Pelican as an excellent example. These experts provide a massive template choice, affordable prices, and guarantee high quality postcards, enabling property dealers to run successful campaigns regularly.

Newbies about to invest in their first direct mailing strategy can use the following tips to find a productive postcard service provider. 

Template Choice and Customization Option

While delivering and mailing options are critical indeed, it is also vital to select an expert offering the most amount of design and style choice. So, check if they provide pre-built models for various campaigns, enabling you to choose the most suitable one for your current need. For instance, ensure you can select vibrant variants for potential buyers and a more refined design for top-tier clients.

Furthermore, good agencies understand that they must modify existing designs and create brand new ones, depending on the changing needs of their clientele. They also provide automation services, realizing the importance of direct mailers in conjunction with digitalization (such as emails). It is a two-fold strategy that studies have found to be most effective.

Cost Estimate and Order Quantity 

One of the primary reasons most individual realtors and large firms opt for this approach is affordability. So, look for agencies that provide reasonably priced services, while not compromising on the quality and finish of the postcards. This is important to ensure that you enjoy excellent returns on your investment. Ideally, seventy-five cents per postcard is a reasonable price to pay.

Similarly, remember to choose firms that do not renege on contracts and are willing to take on orders of all sizes at all possible times. This way, you can have a solid postcard service provider to fall back on, meeting your marketing objectives without delay or failure.

Customer Support

The only thing a reliable marketing agency asks of you is that you sign up and let them handle your requirements. Once you are in, they will ensure that all your specifications are met consistently, allowing your campaign to proceed in the best possible way.

Moreover, many companies have support staff on standby pretty much all the time, enabling amateurs to contact them quickly for assistance or guidance. Therefore, note that any company not offering this dependability is not worth the investment.

Extra Features 

Reputable marketing agencies, like the Wise Pelican, offer several additional services than the basic ones of providing a solid template and mailing process. For instance, they may allow postcard tracking, helping advertisers keep a close watch on their material from the moment they leave the offices until they reach their destination.

Also, they offer automation home valuation templates, helping realtors incorporate a vital link wherein their potential clients can avail of the service. Another unmatched advantage of working with an experienced company is that it allows you to customize your mailing lists and update them at your convenience. You can also automate this process and reduce the burden on yourself.

Therefore, it is important to find a reputable and experienced company that meets all the above-mentioned criteria to ensure all your direct mail marketing needs are met expeditiously for the best marketing returns.


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