Do you have a broken or missing tooth that impacts your self-confidence and esteem? A dentist in Chehalis, WA, recommends getting dentures as they are a great solution that restores your ability to eat, bite, chew, and function properly. Additionally, it enhances your smile and teeth’s overall aesthetics. Unsure of what dentures are or their different types? In this article, we will highlight what dentures are and the different types of dentures. So, without any further delay, let’s dive in! 

What are Dentures? 

A denture is a temporary or removable replacement for a broken or missing tooth and nearby tissues. They are made up of nylon, metal, and acrylic, which fits over your gums and improves oral health and chewing and speech abilities. 

Types of Dentures 

Here are the different types of dentures: 

1. Complete Full Dentures

When a person loses all his teeth and requires a complete teeth restoration, complete full dentures are recommended to them, which fit on the top of the gum. 

2. Partial Dentures

When only a few natural teeth are left, partial dentures are recommended. In this condition, speaking and chewing becomes extremely difficult. Since these dentures can be removed, they are exceptionally convenient. 

3. Custom-made Dentures

Sometimes, patients prefer getting custom-made dentures which are made from high-quality porcelain and ceramic material. 

4. Immediate Dentures

Once the natural teeth are removed due to decayed, injured, or chipped, immediate dentures are placed. While going for immediate dentures, the patient should not have any cavities or other tooth problems. 

5. Implant-supported Dentures

A dental implant provides complete support to the dentures when they are placed closer. As compared to other types of dentures, implant-supported dentures last longer. 

6. Economy Dentures

Economy dentures are generic dentures that are highly affordable; however, they are made of cheap quality. Thus, they do not provide maximum comfort and look unnatural. 

Benefits of Dentures 

Here are the top benefits of getting dentures: 

  • Your smile is probably the first thing that attracts people. Dentures ensure to bring back your aesthetically pleasing smile. 
  • Since dentures are pocket-friendly, they make the entire teeth restoration process easier and budget-friendly. 
  • Since you do not have missing teeth anymore, it leads to an enhanced quality of life. 
  • Unlike most teeth restoration treatments, dentures are long-lasting. 

Wrapping Up 

Dentures are a popular teeth replacement technique that feels and looks natural and comfortable. It restores your tooth functioning and overall smile. Get in touch with your dentist today! 

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