After preparing hard and appearing for CMAT 2020, another big challenge that the students and their families are facing is which college they should apply for. Selecting a college involves consideration of both the score and the subject of interest. For all those students who are not sure about which college to apply for, the CMAT college predictor is there to help by classifying the colleges based on the CMAT percentile accepted by them.  

It is nearly impossible for students to search for all the colleges and then check for the percentile accepted by them and then check for the courses offered by the college. Sometimes the college offering the subject of your interest does not accept the percentile you have scored, and sometimes the college that accepts your percentile does not offer the subject you want to study. In addition to all this, there are some other factors also involved, such as the location of the college, fee structure, etc. This might lead to missing out on deadlines by the time students identify the right college for themselves.  

How does CMAT predictor will be useful for CMAT 2020?

Instead of worrying about the colleges and the application processes, students can use CMAT college predictor to identify the colleges that suit them. Using this tool, students, and their families can have the list of suitable colleges by the time results are declared. Thus, they can start applying to the colleges of their choice right after the results are declared. The tool helps in the following ways:

  • Students are required to login to the predictor tool and enter the information needed by the tool to predict their score and match it to the colleges. The information also involves personal information such as name, mobile number, and email address, which is used for sending student’s predictions.  
  • The CMAT college predictor uses the latest data of the percentile that colleges used for the admission. Data is everything in the current scenario, and this tool knows to use the data for students in the best way possible.
  • A list of colleges is generated after matching colleges with the score of the students. This helps students in finalizing the colleges as per their preferences. Students are sometimes not aware of specific courses that they might be interested in and specific colleges that will accept their percentile and are near their location. This list helps in finding all such information.
  • The list comprises information such as the name and address of the college, name of courses offered, eligibility for each course, duration of the course and the CMAT score acceptable for the course. This makes it easier for students and their families to choose from. The course fee is subject to vary and hence not every college provides information about the same.  
  • Sometimes students take the first attempt at CMAT as their trial attempt. For such students, the CMAT college prediction helps them to know the minimum percentile that they should score to attain admission in a particular course or the college that they are aspiring for.    

Things that students must take care while using CMAT college predictor

Students are advised to take care of the following things while using the CMAT college predictor:

  • The exam consists of four sections and students must enter the number of questions that they know is correct instead of the number of questions they have attempted. This will change the prediction entirely. They must remember the prediction is not to impress their peers but for actual analysis of their score and colleges.
  • Students must enter the correct name, mobile number and email address to receive their prediction.
  • Do not compare your prediction with that of your classmate’s prediction or your friend’s prediction for CMAT 2020.      
  • Do not also compare the preferences of college that your friend or classmate has. You may refer to each other’s choices but remember that you all have different scores and priorities.    

So, do not worry about what will happen, use the CMAT college prediction tool to predict what may happen and make the most of it by selecting and applying to the best colleges according to your score. Best of luck with the admissions!


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