LED Phototherapy LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices have a long history of use in medical anti-aging and health sciences and the treatment of a wide range of skin disorders. Omnilux provides extraordinary clinically validated wavelengths with optimal energy concentrations in a procedure known as LED phototherapy.

This is How It Works:

The LEDs in Omnilux products radiate light through your skin as you use them.

Light photons of specified wavelengths are collected by cellular constituents, mainly the mitochondria, resulting in a series of metabolic events as described below.

Omnilux Products are Non-Invasive and Safe for All Skin Types.

LED therapy is a natural treatment that does not emit any harmful UV frequencies and does not cause heat or temperature damage to the skin.

Wavelengths that have been tested and proven to produce the best results

Every wavelength or color light elicits a distinct skin response:

Red lowers irritation, discoloration, and redness for a more vivid complexion while also encouraging cellular regeneration and circulation.

Near-infrared light stimulates new collagen fibers formation in lower fibroblast cells, leading to plumper, firmer, more healthy skin.

Blue kills the germs that produce acne’s redness and inflammation.

How do you make use of Omnilux?

Cleanse your skin before using the Hydrogel mask. Put the Omnilux Contour FACE gadget on top of the Hydrogel and fasten it. Retrieve the Hydrogel off your face after your 10-minute session and knead any residual gel into your skin. Finally, apply your preferred lotion or skincare items!

How often can I use the LED face mask in a day?

When Should You Wear an LED Light Mask?

Most cosmetologists recommend using it no and over three times per week for a total of twenty minutes every treatment.

Is Red Light Therapy harmful to melasma patients?

Melasma often emerges shortly after undergoing the treatment you describe, intense-pulsed light (IPL). Intense-pulsed light also can heat the epidermal layer, which is believed to aggravate melasma.

LED Omnilux Facials and its Work

Skin that stays young for a lifetime is something we constantly fantasize about and strive for. Certain procedures make us feel that we’re on a treadmill, pursuing the skin of our fantasies, and someone keeps pushing the accelerator. But, amid the ugly sea facials, there is still some optimism. The LED (Omnilux) treatment is the crowning achievement of all procedures that will provide you with picture-perfect skin. Whereas, before you join into the domain of facials, let’s learn more about the Omnilux facial and why everybody is raving about it.

Omnilux Facial

It’s like bringing the club to your face – the brightness is dazzling, and it’s quite intense, but you love it anyhow. It stimulates collagen formation using pure light that does not contain UV rays (thus, sun-safe). Collagen is naturally present in your skin, but a shortage of it causes the skin to look dull. The Omnilux facial is painless and has no downtime, so you can walk out and then go how your day immediately following the procedure; it is suitable for even most people with sensitive skin.

How Does It Operate?

The Omnilux LED Light Therapy targets certain cells responsible for skin formation mechanism and repair.

Omnilux facials come in various styles, each of which promises to help you with a distinct type of skin problem.

The Omnilux Blue facial concentrates on acne and the bacteria that cause acne in moderate to severe instances.

And, most of all, we have all three lights at About Face in our great new Camden spa, so we can set together such a treatment regimen to effectively overcome your skin concerns.

Do you want to learn about an intriguing Omnilux LED Light Therapy benefit? It is also used to extend the benefits of dermal fillers, and it is typical to take Omnilux following Botox.

How long is it going to last?

It isn’t long enough because it isn’t an eternity. Still, when contrasted to other skin rejuvenation, the Omnilux facial produces fantastic effects that last far longer than any other facial now available. The Omnilux facial outcomes keep improving in the six months following treatment. It is suggested that at least ten treatments be scheduled closely together. After the initial treatment, the skin instantly looks completely different, but upkeep is required like other LED Light Therapy facials.

Discover Omnilux at The Skin Care Clinic. Facial rejuvenation isn’t just a fantasy with Omnilux; it’s a bright, gorgeous reality. Here comes the regeneration!

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