Flowers have been a popular gift for many occasions, from birthdays to graduation days. Apart from being available throughout the year, everyone loves receiving flowers. The lively and vibrant colours and enticing fragrances bring joy to the receiver and lift the room’s mood.

Flowers have played an enormous part in many cultures in different countries, dating back to ancient times. Written myths and legends and those that are passed by mouths recorded the existence of usage of flowers in many customs in Greek, Roman, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures.

But the practice of giving flowers as gifts flourished after the middle ages in Europe. And since then, many countries have adopted this culture and made it their own.

Centuries passed, you can now give flower bouquets for a birthday, Valentine’s day, and even Memorial Day. Besides being a part of the culture, abirthday bouquet in Singapore has numerous positive effects on mental health.

The Positive Effects Of Flowers On Mental and Emotional Health


The current situation around the world has put many people on their edge. Many experience stress and anxiety, and a lot dreamt of taking refuge in the cradle of nature; the lush green trees, calming waves of seas, and colourful florals.

The sense of peace flowers bring to everyone makes the simplebirthday flower bouquetmore special and valuable. Here are some of the positive effects of flowers on mental and emotional health.

Flowers Give Immediate Happiness

Who could imagine that a simple request for abirthday flower delivery in Singaporeto send a bouquet of tulips or lilies will bring a smile to the face of the receiver?

According to the research conducted by Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, people who receive flowers express a “true” or “excited” smile. These smiles signify delight, gratefulness, gratitude, and genuine happiness.

Flowers also leave a positive impression on everyone. People are highly likely to remember when was the last time they were given flower gifts compared to other presents.

Apart from the receivers, the givers or senders also benefit from the immediate happiness flowers can bring. People who send flower bouquets for a birthday instead of other items feel happier and capable.

Many people also believe that flowers have special meanings and are an emotional gift, unlike other presents, making them one of a kind.

Flowers Lift The Mood and Alleviate Stress

One of the wonders blooms can bring to our lives is their mood-lifting effect that can last for many days. Rutgers University reported that flowers have a long-term positive effect on the mood of the receiver.

People who received flowers were reported to feel less stressed and agitated. There is also a significant decrease in anxiety levels. They feel happier, more satisfied throughout the week, and a positive outlook on life.

Apart from receiving a birthday flower bouquet, having a flower decoration or indoor plant at home also brightens up the place.

Flower decoration makes the home or space more relaxed and less suffocating. Many people associate numerous positive emotions to the florals, including love, calmness, joy, hope, and surprise.

Many offices and workspaces also use flowers and ornamental plants to increase the positive energy in the office environment.

Flowers Strengthen Intimate Connections

Flowers also strengthen the intimate connection between friends, families, and lovers.

The act of giving flowers itself creates a leeway between people. People feel more special receiving florals as the blooms are considered an emotional gift. A simple birthday bouquet from flower delivery in Singaporeconveys many positive emotions such as love, hope, joy, and gratitude.

Flowers have meanings as well. Red roses signify passion and love, while gladiola means strength. On the other hand, heather represents good luck while white stargazer lily signifies remembrance.

The meanings behind the flowers alone allow the sender to craft personalised messages, bringing in an intimate connection.

If you plan to send special people flower bouquets for their birthday, you can give them sunflowers. Sunflowers mean longevity and admiration.

Flowers Can Speed Up Healing

You might wonder why people send flowers along with their get well soon wishes to patients in the hospital. Unlike fruits which contain nutrients that can help with the healing, flowers cannot be consumed nor provide vitamins in the body.

Florals speed up the healing through their emotional and mental health effects. As many people say, stress is the root of many illnesses. Flowers help stimulate the patient’s positive outlook in life and reduce their stress and anxiety level.

The positive psychological effect of flowers helps restore the body faster. Patients become more hopeful and encouraged regarding their recovery when the mood is lighter. Optimism is essential during the recovery process, including physical therapies.

Flowers bring a sense of peace and calmness in the room as well, bringing comfort to the patient. Patients tend not to focus on pain when they are relaxed.

Flower bouquets are not for the birthdayalone but also for recovery wishes.

Flowers Boost Creativity and Productivity

The ethereal visuals of florals are no joke. From its delicate shapes to light and deep colours, down to its fragrance can help spark creativity among people.

The colours and aroma of flowers stimulate our senses. Our senses influence our creativity. It is why many offices have ornamental plants and flowers in their workspaces to serve as a creative inspiration for the staff.

On the other hand, employees tend to perform better when flowers are around or see them beforehand. This response is often linked to the uplifting and relaxing effect of flowers. These psychological and emotional effects help clear minds and encourage creative thinking among the employees.

Apart from purchasing a birthday flower bouquet, people can have a flower decoration at home to help increase creativity and productivity. Mixing and matching different flower colours will bring you tons of inspiration.

Now that we know the positive effects of colours: let us perfect your surpriseflower bouquets for the birthdaycelebrant by learning the mistakes people commonly make when ordering flowers online.

Mistakes People Commonly Make When Purchasing Flowers Online


Although the practice of giving flowers on several occasions has been around for many years, there are still people who remain clueless when choosing the appropriate flower bouquets for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Fortunately, there are creative and talented florists and floral arrangers who can guide us with the flower journey.

However, it is not the case when purchasing flowers online. Some websites offer online assistance, while others leave you on your own. For clueless people out there, here are the mistakes you should avoid when purchasing flowers online.

Last Minute Order

Although flowers are available throughout the year, that doesn’t mean they can be prepared quickly or without lead time. Planning is also essential in ordering flowers as gifts.

Not all birthday flower delivery services in Singaporecan accommodate last minute orders. The preparation for each arrangement may last for hours, depending on the size, quantity, and complexity and intricacy of each flower arrangement.

It can be a problem when your order coincides with bulk orders. Bulk orders usually happen for weddings and other events. The demand for florals also shoots up when popular occasions are just around the corners. Red roses are a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, while thoughtful sons and daughters order numerous types of flowers for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There is also a slight increase in demand for flowers during Remembrance Day.

If you are planning to give abirthday flower bouquet to your friend or relatives, order early and give enough lead time to your chosen birthday flower delivery services in Singapore.

Thinking Roses Are The Only Flower

Clueless men and women looking for a romantic gift for their partners on Valentine’s Day tend to stick with the staple heart’s day flower– red roses.

Red roses may have established the image of romance and love, but it will not hurt if you stray away from the ordinary and try something new.

Red roses are not the only flowers that represent love, romance, passion, and adoration. There are lots of flower alternatives to roses that are equally amazing as the famous red blooms.

Carnations are flowers that signify pure love and faithfulness. It also symbolises beauty and innocence. Another advantage of carnations is their longevity. Carnations can last up to three weeks, with proper care.

For budding couples, daisies are an ideal Valentine’s gift. Daisies signify innocence and purity.

If you want to stick with the pinnacle of love–roses–you can always mix and match florals. Mixing and matching give a new variety yet still clinging to the traditional flower. Ask your birthday flower delivery in Singapore for their roses alternatives!

Not Calling A Florist

Most birthday flower delivery services in Singapore offer pre-arranged flowers on their websites. There are situations where people would settle for these arrangements despite having an ideal one in their minds.

Failing to ask the website for its personalised arrangement services is one of the most common mistakes people make when ordering bouquets online.

If you do not see the idealbirthday flower bouquet, you can inquire about the florist assistance services. Florists and floral arrangers do their job seriously, and they may offer you better flower selections available that are not displayed on the website.

Florists can give you insights into each flower and help you improve your birthday bouquet in Singapore. So, instead of sticking to the usual flower arrangement, try their custom services florists are highly delighted to help you with.

Ignoring The Accessories

There is no problem with sticking to the classicbirthday flower bouquet.After all, bouquet arrangements are astronomically beautiful as always. However, similar to the staple red roses, there are plethoras of arrangements and accessories you can try that are equally impressive and endearing as bouquets.

Vases are underrated flower accessories. Not that they are pretty, they are functional as well. If you are planning to purchase blooms from birthday flower delivery services in Singapore, it is better to buy a vase along with the blossoms. Just in case the receiver is not at home when the present is delivered, the flower can stand alone properly on the porch.

There are trending flower bouquets arrangements for a birthday celebration as well. One of them is the hot air balloon where balloons and baskets are the accessories.

Lastly, the most vital accessories you can add to your flowers are greeting cards, soft toys, and chocolates. Add more flavour and fun to your bouquet with these accessories.

Choosing Flowers That Are Out Of Blooming Season

There are flowers that are available throughout the year, while others are seasonal blooms. If you are looking for particular blooms for yourbirthday flower bouquet, ask your florists or the floral website regarding the availability.

Interestingly, roses, the most popular flower, bloom on and off the season. Meaning, there will be no problem finding them in flower shops any time of the year.

Yet, flowers like the calla lily, stargazer, dahlia, hyacinth, and tulip are abundant during September and November in the southern hemisphere and March to May in the northern hemisphere.

If you are looking for carnation, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, and hydrangea, they are highly likely available from June to August in the northern hemisphere and from December to February in the southern hemisphere.

If your ideal flower is off-season, you can always opt for its alternative. Just ask your birthday flower delivery service’s florist in Singapore for the perfect one.

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