London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is one of the largest cities of the world. This city has beautiful amalgamation of modern values and ancient English culture and the same is depicted in its every part. Its true essence is embedded in the signature dishes that are available in few hand-picked restaurants and family run eateries. To get the best experience of London, book Food Tour London that takes you to the unseen locations, and allows you to eat and drink like a local.

Listed here are a few dishes that you must ask for while on the food tour to London:

·Butterscotch French Toast

This dish features homemade fig and walnut bread. It is soaked in maple syrup and homemade butterscotch sauce. Topped with berries and soaked in coconut sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, this toast is complete delight for people with sweet tooth.

·Duck fat French Fries

While on the walking tour, this indulging food comes as easy rescue. French fries made crisper by cooking in duck fat gives your taste buds a new high. The mayonnaise, raclette cheese add more beautifully to the richness of these French fries. So, you can simply munch on this while roaming around through the streets of London.

·Nduja Scrambled Eggs on sourdough toast

Nduja scrambled eggs super creamy in content and texture are served as topping on sourdough toast. These eggs are extra ordinary in taste and can be better understood as expandable version of brilliantly prepared Salami. So, give your day a healthy kickstart with this dish!

·Croque Monsieur

A heaven for cheese lovers, this is actually a cheese and ham sandwich. While ham offers amazing filling, the outer is dipped in layers of over-bursting cheese that is cooked till bubbling. It is one of the most filling dishes you can find for breakfast.

So, do enquire about these dishes and find where these are cooked using the most authentic recipes. These dishes show you what London’s eating culture is all about!

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