Thousands of travellers visit Bali every year to explore the beauty of the island and enjoy the tropical heat. The sun kissed beaches of the island are always a remarkable sight and beyond the beaches, there are other beautiful places to visit. If it is not the high volcanic mountains, then it is the impressive religious sites or the jungle. Going deeper inside the island, you find happy farmers on their expansive rice fields and as you walk the streets of the island, you meet locals from all corners of the island. The Balinese are friendly people and they make it easier for the visitors to belong.

The people in the island value their culture very much but in spite of this, the island does not have a strict dressing code unless you are visiting some places. Though the weather is humid, it can sometimes change and it is therefore necessary to know what kind of clothing you should take along when you visit the island. Places that have strict dress codes are the religious temples and some of the luxurious resorts in the island. Endowed with some of the best five star hotels in the world, some of the places require that you dress in smart attire every time you visit such locations. One such establishment that requires visitors to dress decently and not to wear shorts, singlets or alcohol branded clothes is The Rock Bar Jimbaran, which is one of the most popular restaurants in the 5 star Ayana hotels in Bali.

Below is a look at what to wear when visiting certain places within the island.

·Temples and Ceremonies

The Balinese are very religious people and they have great respect for their temples and all their ceremonies. If you are visiting the island, some of the highlights will be to visit these temples. Though the island is not strict on the dress code, you should not enter the temples or attend the ceremonies dressed in your casual shorts and t-shirts. It would be wise to dress as the locals do. Men should wear shirts that cover their arms and shoulders fully.

Both the men and women should also cover their heads with scarf that goes around the waist locally known as a Kain. If it is a local ceremony, women should wear a Kebaya and a Kain. A Kebaya is an embroidered sheer blouse worn over a sarong and tied around the waist. Men attending the ceremony should also be in a Kain and a Udeng, which is the Balinese traditional headdress.

·The Highlands

For people that love hiking and the jungle, the northern highlands of the island are the places to visit. The climate is tropical and the heat can get too severe some times. It however gets chilly in the evening and at night. If you are visiting these places, carry your hiking gear, some warm clothes for the evening and a wet weather jacket.

·The Coast

The southern coast of the island is one of the most popular tourist destination locations. This includes Uluwatu, Bukit, Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu. Most beaches, clubs and surfing joints are in the southern coast and therefore the reason for the popularity. The places also have some of the best resorts in the island and many more activities. The place allows for easy packing because all you need are light clothing, which includes jean shorts, wavy dresses, tank tops, boardshorts, hats and swimsuits. It is very important that you do not forget your sunscreen if you are going to spend some time relaxing at the beaches.

·Scooter Riding

The most popular mode of transport on the streets of Bali is a scooter riding. Locals riding the scooters dress in jackets and long pants to protect them from sunburns and scratches. Do not assume because the weather is hot, you can dress light and enjoy your ride. Dress like the locals and always remember to wear a helmet. In addition, to protect you from dust while riding, wear something over your mouth.

Wrapping it up

The island like many other Asian cities enjoys both the rainy and dry seasons. The temperatures can still be high during the rainy season but get chilly in the evenings. The winds are also very strong during the rainy season so make sure to pack heavy clothing if you are travelling during this period. During the dry season, the weather is very hot so carry light clothing. The weather though changes at night even during the dry season to become very chilly. Therefore, if you are travelling during this season, pack some heavy jackets too.

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