Portacool air cooler, in its variations, is a reputable market brand today. The first product debuted in 1990, setting the pace for what would be an all-time revolution in a near-natural ventilation system for homes, offices, and factories. Portacool has different products; you should meet them! 

Portacool 510 series: Since we are talking about getting personal, you should meet Portacool 510. It is a movable air cooler on wheels, and you can move it anywhere. Whether you are alone in your study, reading a novel as you munch on an apple, or you are reliving past memories with a visiting friend, there is no other way to beat the heat than having this adorable, noiseless machine minister coolness to you. It has oscillating louvers, sturdy casters, and a water door, all compacted for the best cooling experience. 

Portacool Cyclone: Some events aren’t just fun when done indoors. You want to yell, laugh, grab a drink with friends with your sunshades on as you have some fun. The Cyclone series is worth checking out. The Portacool air cooler meets outdoor purposes, giving you a natural blast of air for a gathering of four or that grows into more. Of course, there are different sizes. It does not wet those sitting in front like those ones that produce mist. Are you thinking of outdoor fun? Think of the cyclone series.

Portacool Jetstream Evaporative Coolers: This product finds purpose by design to serve workshops. It provides comfort for shops and stations where they do heavy jobs. The product combines swift airflow with evaporative technology to cool the air without scattering your workplace. It also finds applications in commercial centers, including large malls. It offers comfort, making it count. It works for spaces between 700 to 5,600 square ft., depending on your size choice.

Portacool Hazardous Location Series: This solution is different from the previous one in that it is designed to work outside and in areas with very harmful chemicals or gases. It boasts of an ETL Certified design for use in Class I, Division 2, Group C, and D hazardous locations. 

So, what place did you say you want an evaporative air cooler for again? You must have found your answer already! If you are unsure about certain things or you have questions to make the best decision on a product, you can speak to a professional Portacool air cooler installer or reach their support online.


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